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  1. Yeah, I do. And I'm a huge Nintendo fan, to be honest. :P Which means I know a lot about the later Nintendo games, yes.
    I hope we'll still come along somehow.
    RPG, adventures and shooters sounds pretty fine to me. We seem to have a similar taste. And you should try some Mario games again by the way. There are some pretty cool ones actually. 1992 ... damn, I was one year old at that time!
  2. hajhajha so you know about games eh!... well am the gamer who likes RPG, adventure, and shoters... but I have no play a mario game since 1992... yes that's a long
    am the playstation kind of guy..... lol
  3. If you seriously think of getting yourself, I'm da man to ask for good games. I know all of 'em.
    Really? You see them? I'd take a look, but I think they'd creep me out. So I'll let it be.
  4. am gonna buy me a wii... just to play madworld, the legend of zelda, and metroy... and that's it.......

    hey you might no see them but the eyes are there... in the
  5. No, they aren't. Although, which eyes?! Aren't you supposed to be some skull?
    Well, what's up ... Not much actually. Just hanging around, I just came back from some friends and am basically tired as hell. Listening to some music. Was playing some MadWorld as well ...
  6. my eyes aren't playing tricks with me..... the orange dude is here......
  7. No problem dude. I won't get angry with someone if he/she doesn't reply. So no need for excuses.
    Yeah, see ya soon, crazy radude.
  8. hey dude sorry for my late writhing thing.... Is just that I log off before you send all that writhing back to me....... so see ya soon crazy panda posing as a orange!
  9. Ah, okay. Well, sorry anyway.
    It is good? Cool. I don't have a 360, so I don't really care, but I already though that it would be great. Freedom is a very important point for me in RPGs, so it's great that it has that.
    My favourite RP games are Oblivion and KotoR I guess. I can't think of others at the moment. I have some serious headache at the moment ...
    I should go to bed earlier today I guess.
  10. don't worry dude I log off before you send it back.... well fable2 is really good... is 20 times more big than the first one, and the story line is good... you can go anywhere and do anything in that game!
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