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  1. Yeah, yeah. I don't have any belly, you know? So no need to excercise for now. But I will pretty soon I guess. I shouldn't be too lazy!
    You are funny. You make me laugh quite often ... Like before.
    3D for me too. How's Fable 2? I just played the first part on Xbox and quite like it.
    Sorry for the late message, I had to answer a phone call. And I can't write and phone at the same time ... Gotta train that.
  2. one think dude...exercise dude.... that way you will lose that belly.....hajhajhajhajhaj
    am funny, wow I thought I was not.... am not as funny as you are.....

    yes only 3D for me please.... game that I can see.... love RPG, am playing fable 2!
  3. C'mon! Don't try to sell me strange things! I don't believe you, nono! I already had my experiences, I bet they wouldn't have liked me with a fat belly! (:
    Ah, you are nice, radude. Verrrry~ strange, but funny as hell. :P
    Well, as I said. I don't like those RPs either, except for the ones on PC and consoles. Like Oblivion and those things!
  4. ahjahjahjahjahajhjahjahajhaj yes they do, is in their nature to like round

    well am social with people... I think...or am evil skull who thinks is a good person.....
    to think about it.... am not that nice to people!... am an asshole.... so to speak!

    i only play games that i can control and see, hates RP, totally fake!
  5. Women like round things? I don't think so, Mr. xD Should this mean, I must have a big, round belly?
    I bet they like it! That orange is cute and all. <:
    A happy social skull? What's that supposed to be?
    RP, well ... I like them on the PC and on the consoles. But this kind of RP here ... Not really my thing. :/
  6. yes I know women like round
    but an orange.... I didn't know they like
    yes am a skull... a happy social skull......jijijijij
    I do hate RP too... is so fake!.....jijij
  7. Do I really look like an evil orange? And that out of the mouth of a dead skull ...
    Damn, I think I failed my avy. It's supposed to look friendly and to make the girls write with me.
    I am not that kind of a RP type either. I played D&D for a while though. But that's sometime ago. The new version of that game sucks a lot ...
  8. and once more he finds the crazy panda know as the face orange, I knew you where evil DR orange.... face me or die....... hey dude what up...... yes I hate RP, and yes I did RP a little bit....
  9. see ya later dude !
  10. the words in spanish, they are alright... no bad word, dude

    so ask her what does it mean.. ERES LINDA!..... ask her that one... I bet she will smile...
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