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  1. what the f uck whit the new pic?......dam it, is so vizare
  2. sup crazy panda..... wow you don't have any idea from where amwriting you dude..... am i crazy? of course you dont know....amwritig you from my is f ucking internet rocks.....anyway dude, i hope the school thing is over need some serious parting and some pussy my friend see ya wen i can.....up up and
  3. It's no problem, radude. It's great that you are busy. I am busy as well, though not only with girls. I have hard work to do actually.
    Yeah, I know I need a time out, however not at the moment. I have way too many things to do than to be able to relax for now.
    Not only with things in school, but also other things. School stuff is half over actually. I finished the written part, but oral part is in a month. I don't have to learn that much for it though.
    Well, yeah. It's just some webpage. Of course it's nothing too special.
    And of course you can do what you want. I can also do what I want. And I think that at the moment, I have to be busy so that I can relax and have fun in life later on. So that's why I have to do my stuff now.

    Weekend was hard work. But also fun, in a way. So yeah, I'm alright. How was yous? Well, I guess you were busy with the girls, hu?

    Hehe, yeah. See ya in the future, crazy radude.
  4. back.. again.... sorry i wrote you back late, am busy with the

    so the exams are over or just starting,.. because you need a time out dude, you're tooo busy to be that young, hell am way older than you and i have more fun than you do, that ain't right.... anyway I didn't answer the shit the site owner send me, am almost feed up with this site, is so boring and lame,

    anime online they say their name is, and i don't see any anime around,
    yea I think am becoming more wining about this site, but is my life, I can do what i want, I

    anyway.... I hope you have fun these weekend,.... be wild and be ... I don't know anything that you

    see ya in the future panda dude.......
  5. Hu?? Who send that? I don't see it at your page. And who's 'we'? Strange ... <: Just answer and see what will happen.

    Alright. Don't worry, I don't know any of those series you've just mentioned, so I'll stay clean. And I don't plan to watch anything Star Trek related at the moment.
    Yeah, film was nice. You don't think they make a new series? Well, they'll at least make 2 more films or something, as far as I know.

    Oh~! GF! Nice one, radude! And yup, it does change a lot indeed. Don' tell me you been tamed, mate!
    I know, I know. But search ain't that easy, that's the problem.

    Yeah, alright. I'll stick around and wait. Am pretty busy as well. Alas, not in the same way you are, but I'm having part of my final exams now. So I'm studying quite a bit.
    Dang, I'm so happy when school's over, seriously.
  6. hajhaj wow dude look at the shit someone send me , and posted on my profile when I open it.....(
    Hey radeclew! It appears you haven't posted in a while! Go on, how about dropping us a line. We'd love to hear from you! )<------ that's some crazy shit right there....

    anyway the old star trek series where ok, but the good one is next generation, don't watch Voyayer, or DS9, watch the next generation only,... and for the film, I think it was the best star trek movie ever,.. i don't think is gonna make paramount to star a new tv series, the series are done and dead....

    about the peaty thing, I didn't have time to enjoy myself this past weekend, but i feel like am getting more distance from the net than before.. I have to thanks my GF for that, having a real woman in your arms, really do change things... sex

    find yourself a girl Dude, they are fun, and

    p.S...see ya when i can..... am having so much pussy now....jijijijij
  7. You meant me? Hu?

    So you've already seen the movie too?
    I have to admit, I also did like it, although I'm not that familiar with the series, as you already know. I bet I didn't got half the movie, since I heard there were so many insiders only people understand who know the whole Star Trek universe.
    Anyway, I still had fun watching it! So I guess you cosplayed as a klingon as well? <:
    Don't know what the new generation is though, as I said, no idea about Star Trek.
    I think I have to watch all those series and films sometime ...

    Yeah, thanks I will. Just came back from relaxing a bit at some bar, but other than that I do my work quite well. However tomorrow will be hard work.
    And you already were to 7 parties I assume? xD
  8. hajhajhajah.. yea funny as hell, I meant you... anyway
    the star trek movie was F ucking sweet , wow best one ever, **** the new generation,
    ... well have a good weekend and try to relax and take it easy.......
  9. Yeaaaaah, radude, friendlist friend! <:
    What's going on? I'm very busy at the moment, like really busy. This monday the first part (the written part) of my final exams are starting. So I still have some things to learn to get those things going.
    I'm still not nervous, but I bet I will be as the finals are approaching. xD
    Stepping my fingers on this forum ... well said indeed.

    Yeah, I deleted because we actually never talked. You know, I'm very strict with new friends. You can be proud to be one. :P
    But I might send two people here a request, because I talked with them a lot 'n they seem friendly, so that would make two more, a total of 5! That's like, too much already!

    Ah, and I've seen the new Star Trek movie as a Pre-premiere yesterday. Very cool movie. And damn, those cosplaying Klingons there were aweeeesome! I totally wanted to see one of those, lucky I did.
    Although not many eople were cosplaying, which was sad. I'd like to see more of those guys ...
  10. so what us weird "friend"..hajhajha
    so what going on with life over there monky dude, I mean panda dude, or whatever you are, wow it been some time since we talk , and me stepping my fingers on this forum,
    so what,s new, what's old...... say, you only have 2 more friends?.... how come
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