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  1. EVERYONE knows your a liar dude. It's hopeless. I win!
    Hehe, yeah. You gonna get wasted dude. You better prepare properly.
  2. hajhajahjah people lapislazuli made me do it!
    well dude now that you said that am gonna light one at your name.... am gonna get
  3. No I beg to differ. You are much more f.ucked up. In the end, all those things are your idea. I don't have anything to do with it! :P People might think I'm crazy if they read this conversation. But people, it's all radeclew's fault for me behaving like that! :P I'm really friendly normally! I swear!
    So you practically use the medicine everytime? The bill at your doctor's place must be gigantic.
    How it is ... Let me guess: Friggggggggin' hot. And even hotter than that. To really know, I believe you have to take a look for your own. At your own risk of course.
  4. hajhajahjahjahaj you're just as f.uck up as I
    yes I wonder why is she all..........
    dude my medicine is my mary, she help me a lot, when am confuse, when am at work, when am alone, when am not doing anything....

    hummm I wonder how is hell in this time of the year?...
  5. Medications?!?!?! Dude I stopped taking that weird shit a looooong time ago! It doesn't help you, trust me.
    Anyway, medications do have one advantage though: You won't see wrinkles and shit on your girlfriend if you take lots of it.
    Damn yes! First some freaky lightning and then you gonna burn in hell. But I'll come accompany you, so you just wait down there a bit.
  6. hajhajahjahjah yes she all wrinkle and
    some time i been call weird and crazy.... but I know am not!
    dam I don't think I took my medications
    yea is good to talk to you too dude.....

    a lighting.... BRING IT
  7. The pope? That's indeed some pretty weird fetish you have there! So your current GF would be something similar to the pope, like McCain? (*jk* Don't intend to afront your GF!)
    Anyway, it was nice to talk with you. But I believe a flash of lightning is gonna get you prrretty soon.
  8. yes I hope the summer comes soon.....
    yes i have a carving for human flesh.... is that wrong?
    oh I want to rape the pope!.... sorry for that!... dark thoughts
  9. You got it. Snow's okay for some time. But I had enough now. Sun rocks snow.
    Ah, 2012, what will happen then? :P I guess you're planning something really malicious.
    Like raping and eating people ... O_o
  10. yes I hate snow too... it bitter and depressing
    I hear the end will be soon... like in
    am gonna be so raping and eating people when that time
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