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  1. dude i fear no one.... they are sad people that spend their days wondering aroung the net and forum to try and feel like they belong anywhere!.... I don't care if I get ban... I didn't make this account!
  2. Umm ... That's crazy indeed. They are kind of strict on this board. Wonder what happened that it turned out like this.
    But honestly, I wouldn't pick a fight on them. :P
  3. hajhajhajahja is so stupid... the mod knew it was a spam because I wrote this is a spam hello!... and I send the same hello to introduce yourself thread..... I send him back the PM telling him that I didn't care about his warning....
  4. Well, that's the right attitude. I don't have that one. Because I'm actually busy. I shoulda leave I guess.
    I got one warning too. It was for chatting though. Didn't knew any rules up to that point. But I don't care actually.
    Some particular post the reason for it?
  5. not that busy..... if i where busy I wouldn't be here!

    dude can you imagine.. some mod gave me a warning for spamming.... lol
  6. Ah, yeah, and there's the soon to be canadian!
    I'm fine actually. Gotta make some math homework now. ): That's all.
    Wassup in NY? Busy as always?
  7. ohhh the dude from europa is here!.... sup dude !
  8. dude you can't ... because am offline too.... when i wrote this 5 minutes ago... at might night .....12:31
  9. How should I know?
  10. i was offline when you wrote back.... am off now too... or maybe not.... but mostly yes!... I meant am not here!..... or Am I?
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