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  1. yea and listen to all the shit they
    I can't read something in black and withe , I like things in color, like the
    well it was good talking to you 2, see ya next time, in this channel , at the same time!........ adios !
  2. Yeahyeah, I know. Lying sucks. So I try not to even start that stuff. <:
    Code Geass. Never watched that either. Bla, I got so many animes to watch.
    Why don't you like reading mangas btw?

    Anyway, I'm off now. Am getting pretty tired by now. Was nice chatting with you again. Have a nice day, radude! See ya round here some other time.
  3. hajhajha ok!... but remember to be yourself, girls don't like lying

    yes it's been a long time since i watch anime, the last new one was codess geass, and it ruing it for me, and that was the last anime I saw,...
    yes girls are funny things, so enjoyable and expendable......jijijijijijijijijijij
    nah am not that bad!
  4. Nah. I didn't say common. I said that I think that most people would find at least one anime or manga that they would actually enjoy watching or reading. That's all.
    Ah, okay. So you stopped watching animes that often? <:
    Less often = teh suck.

    Aight. Just for practice. That's ... okay? xD
  5. ha! manga!... you don't know.. but I have never read a manga before!... so you think reading manga is common with girls?..... I don't think so!... boy things, like cartoons=anime, and game boys... if you really want a serious relation with a girl, you will have to do those things less often,

    yes some ugly girls, they where just for practice
    but wow, i dated a flat girl, fat one, and one with acne, but acne is not that bad, I saw her a few years back, and she have some pretty good body,... looks good, but the face sucks.....hajhajhajhajhaja.... yes am a plastic guy!
  6. Don't think so? Hmm ... Out of my experience, it was rather similar. Whatever. Just find the right time, yes. And about anime/manga. I bet everyone likes at least one series. <: There are so many good and different ones. There's something for everyone!
    Whaddaya mean with boys things?

    Hehehehehe. Ugly girls? How come?
    Yeah, I hope I'll get better. But for that, I'd have to practice more! And I'm pretty lazy firstly, and rather happy as it is now secondly.
  7. I don't think video games will have the same problem, why every body play them, but not every body watch anime, so tell her, at the right

    women like a man, who loves manly things, not a man who likes boys things....

    yea you're lucky, wow thinking back, I date some pretty F uck ugly girls...hajhajhajhajhajhaja
    \but you get better as you get
  8. Hehe, yeah. I'm lucky.
    And I hope it will. I'll just have to test it somewhen. ;-)

    Haha ... <: Aight. That's more or less what I did. Though I try to be as honest as possible. Last time it wasn't a problem.
    Well yeah you know sharing some interests would be indeed nice. So it's not like it will be the first thing I tell them, but I won't hide it either.
    I guess that applies to video games as well, hu?
  9. I know they are.. I wish someone toll me that, when I was your

    well i hope it helps!
    and about the anime thing... is better if you don't tell her right away, anime is categorize by many people as cartoons, so cartoons are for children, so let that thing out, until you find out if she like's them too...

    but if you're looking for someone who loves anime, tell her right away..
  10. These tips of you's are awesome. Well, it's not like I'm a complete newbie concerning that topic. :P What's IO?
    You forgot one thing: You should call them every single day. Otherwise they might get mad at you. This makes me remember my last relationship.
    But yeah, thanks for the advice.
    And should I normally tell them that I'm into anime/manga? Dx I'm never sure.
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