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  1. Soooo, you were sleeping after all! Gotcha.
    Yeah, summer would totally rock. At that time, school would be done. Yay~! :P
    Nothing, actually. Just some stupid shitty work to do for school.
    Whassssssssup (I love that commercial) with you?
  2. ohh when I send you that message was 11:39 something. AM.......
    hajhajhjahja I need the summer to
    sup crazy panda!
  3. It's dark and f*cking cold out here. You know, being evening already and all. Sun disturbed you sleeping? (must be around midday in NY) :P
  4. no is sunny as hell over here!.......... and what about all the way way way over there!....
  5. It certainly is. Snowed all the time yesterday and the day before. Is there snow in NY? (:
  6. hello from new york the city ....... how you doing over there...... i hope is cold just like here!
  7. I do because I have to. Wasn't my decision at all ... I'm happy when it's over in March.
  8. see you dude.... and don't dance too much... that's for
    real life is a bitch.... she takes our time and money too.....jijiji
  9. Well, almost. It's 8 PM. But I had school up to 2 PM, then went to see a friend, till we had dance training lesson for our school ball. That was until about half past 6. And now I'm off to see someone else. Very busy indeed!
    Yeah, see you tomorrow somewhen! Dunno when I'll be back. But I guess I've more time tomorrow in the evening ...
    L8er, ra(wr)Dude!
  10. what the!.... you always at school.... hey isn't it like 7 PM where you are right now?
    well see ya later lapiDude!
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