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  1. Which basically means, I for myself am free but nothing else then? Meh. So I guess I have to capitalize on this now, as long as everything is still free for me!
    You always get me on a bad time by the way. Either I'm off to go to school, or I'm just on my way to a friend, which is the situation now. Won't be back by tomorrow ...
    Sorry, radude!
  2. hey what sup.... Lapi
    yes after one finish school, is way better than being control by parents.... and there's a down side about freedom...... nothing is
  3. You met other people who changed sex too?
    Well, how about just looking it up? I believe many tell it in their About Me section. :P
    I thought so. After school, I have looooooots of time. To do nothing. That'll be awesome.
    Alternative civilian service awaits me though. A special thing in Austria. I have to do that one first after school before real life starts.
  4. later lpis
    wow people sure know how to make sex changes around here!
    Dude when you finish school, it get's better
    wow am so confuse right now...jijijij
  5. I envy youuuuuuu! Just half a year to go, dude. And then it's over. HA! Then I gotta work. Sounds awful.
    L8er, I'm off.
  6. yes is 1:50 AM..... jhajhajhaja you have to go to school.... again..... wo ho!.... long lve
  7. Hanging out with some fellas. Sounds good enough. It's like late in the night again, hu? Go to sleep! *jk*
    Nothing's up over here. You know, I'm tired as hell as always. I hate early mornings.
  8. hey hey hey "DUDE" everything is cool here, I just came from hanging out with some fellas..... what's up over there!
  9. Yo, not much going on. You know, like yesterday time to go to school! Man, you are so lucky! I don't want to.
    And yeah, you bet I am!
    What's up in NY?
  10. hello crazy panda!.... well well ... now is a dude!
    sup! DUDE.
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