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  1. Ja man, I suck if tired.
    Well, it's called differently here. But I think I'd be senior in Highschool ... ? Or let's put it like that: I'm in my last school year here, so I could study next year when this is over.
    As I said, I've to go now. L8er.

    Edited after school: Btw, never call me chick again, or else I gotta kill you. :P You're ruining my reputation here ...
  2. but I had to go too... see ya later crazy panda
    and be good at school......and stay in it!.....
    am so glad i finish it a long time ago....ijijijijijiji

    hajhajhajhajahj yea I did read the same thing on my profile messages.... is ok see ya around too!
  3. ohhhhhhhh.... I
    so you're still in high school?
    or College?
    you posted on your own
  4. Dude, you're behind! It was 2 in the morning about 6 hours ago when I went to bed here. Now it is 7:40. Time ta go to school ...
    I'm in Europe, Austria to be more precise.
    Uhh yeah, I rock. I posted into my profile accidentally. Sorry 'bout that.
    Have to go to school now. See you around!
  5. wow 7 AM... where are you?.... am in New York.. and is 1:39 AM, here!..... wow you're in the
  6. Ah okay, that explains it.
    For me it's a verrry early hello. You know, it's 7 in the morning. I gotta go to school in some minutes ... xD
  7. I think i was high when I wrote my
    ohhh a late hello....
  8. Yo man, all my messages are interesting! You better get used to it! *jk*
    You were seriously thinking nothing about your username? Just typing random letters? :P
  9. ohhhhhh thanks for the info..... My nick means noting, as I chose it, nothing came to
    that was a really interesting message you wrote back at me.... dam you're gone!
  10. Hullo! Unusual, you think so? Not more unusual than yours ... :P
    It sounds spanish? I wouldn't say so ... Actually it's latinum for blue stone. A Semi-precious stone is named like that. But I didn't know that as I chose that username, I just thought that it sounds funny.
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