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  1. ohhh you want some advise , well know this, girls like to, well make out at lot, so always try and ind a quiet and nice place, it will pay off, .... play with her hair, IO don't know there's something abut their hair,

    dude act mature, girls want to know if they are with someone especial, especially if they are with their friends, try to remember her best friend name, and the day you two hook up, they like to ask that shit a lot, ... dude dating at your age will be a little bit, hard, but good...
  2. Pleaaase. Panda-monkey, to be politically correct. Though - it's not like you'd care about something like that. <:

    Buy shit that they don't want. xD Not all girls are like that. Luckily. Otherwise I'd never have a GF before. There are some ok ones too. :PP But I get what you say.
    You seem to be a good one indeed. I'm open for some tips, radude. Don't hold yourself back.
  3. hajhajhajahja noise pollution!...hajhajhaj that was good,... for a panda...
    yea young girls are too much problem, they want to hang out and go to the mall, and buy shit that they don't want, but women of my age, they know what they want, if it is, sex, it is sex... we go out to places I want and she want to go, young girls want to go to where childrens hang, but they are fun to have around, awwwwww... am a good
  4. Yeahyeah, that makes sense! But date a girl on your own age = young girl in my case. That must be the problem.

    Two blocks, hu? I bet that counts as noise pollution. xD
  5. well dude, if you look good, the ass will follow you..... nah!.. you know every body want some young girl, to have fun, but if you want something more serious, well date a girl your own age ....

    I don't know how I can pull off so many
    hey my laugh is what make them crazy for me!..... I had a bery powerful laugh, you can hear me from two blocks
  6. I totally saw it. it was some crazy-ass wink.
    Now you made me wonder: How'd you call an ass between 18 and 24? <:
    Well, most of them don't. I always think I'm talking to girls who are like 5 years older than me. :P

    I would like to hear you laughing in public. Seriously, I don't get why you get to talk with so many girls with such a laugh. They are supposed to run away, dude!
  7. hey.. when did I
    well grown up ass, is from 24 to 28 and up, bad ass is from 17 ,
    she turn 18, she's still a child, but she don't look like one....

    ajhajhajhajhajhajhajha<----- that is the first laugh of the
  8. Holy shit! Da first smiley of da radude! What a crazy day.
    And yeah dude, I got that.
    'nd that's great actually. Strolled around with some friends in beautiful sunshine. Now realaxing. So yeah, it's pretty great.

    How old is she? What's grown up for ya? xD
  9. yes with two sticks.... if ya know what I mean........ so a chill day, is that good or great?.... well my day was good meet some girl today, she seams interesting, but young, I don't know if I can date a young girl... after you taste grown up ass, you can't go back......jijijijijiji
  10. 10 years ... You know, when I'll be chasing tails, you'll be learning to walk with a walking stick. <------ I know that was from yesterday, but what the heck! :P What's up with you crazy radude!?

    Me, nothing much going on. I had a chiller day today. Just came back from seeing some friends, and now I'll relax the rest of the evening. First evening where I do not have to do ANYTHING. Awesome. Not until tomorrow! xD
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