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  1. yes 10 years older... and yes the ramma 1 1/2 was really good...... <------ I know that was from yesterday, but what the heck!..... what up crazy panda!
  2. so you're basically 10 years older. Yeah man, I do the maths!
    Hahahahaha. Yeah but you know, when I'll be chasing tails, you'll be learning to walk with a walking stick. :P

    A guy who transforms into a girl? Sounds strange. So he's basically a shemale? Now I can see where the interest of you's came from. xD
    But if his father transformed into a panda, the series must be great indeed.
  3. wow in 1994 i was 13..... yea cowboy bepob is newer than blue seed.... good times, when you where learning to walk, I was already chasing

    hummmm?.. well ramma 1 1/2, was good, is about a boy, who transform into a girl, if cold water is splash at him, and he's father transform into a giant panda..... it was funny, and good at the time.
  4. Ah yeah. It was something along those lines, I can remember. See?! I bet that's not enough time to see all the anime's I would like to see.
    But actually I was reffering to how busy I am. 'cause, as always, I have many things to do. Which kinda sucks. But yeah, I'll get over it.

    1994, damn I was three when this was first released. <: Now I'm interested. You have an idea from when Cowboy Bebop is? Is that older? Newer?
    Ranma 1/2 I've heard of it, never watched it though. To be honest, it didn't look that appealing to me. Must have been because it's not my time anymore.
  5. hajahjahjah little time?... what do you mean, you have all the time in the world... until 2012, that's the end of the

    nah... I don't care anymore, fake people, trying to say something good, but I just read shit......jijijij
    hey blue see is from 1994, I think, and is almost like inuyasha, almost.. you will find it alike, I think.... wow ramma1/2 is a great 90's anime..... not other anime is like that one,, and i remember watching them when they where new.....
  6. Blue seed ... Never heard of it. Dx I bet that's shameful. Shoot~! There are so many animes I need to watch. And I've so little time. Shucks, dude.
    Yeah, I just said goodbye so I won't forget it. In the end, I wrote the most VM with radude. Would be a shame if I didn't.

    As I said, if they give you another chance: just don't mind them. It's not like they'd be any important people to you. Just internet people, as you reffered to them.
    Or clear things up per PM, or I dunno ... <:
  7. am still here... what i will say?..... anyway.... after you saw the ending of evangelion... go see blue seed.... is

    well they just make me mad, am not a child, and yet they make the child come out....
  8. I will! It seems that I have to catch up many animes from the 90's! I'd actually say you gonna tell me some, but you're gone now. Dx
    Anyway, I wouldn't take them too serious here, dude.
    Have some more nice parties!
  9. hajhajhaj enjoy the anime movie.... yes I kinow the last post will make problems... but there is some ass hole saying am a racis, and someone gave me a red dot, just for saying what I think.... and that sucks... i don't care if they ban me from this site... this account was never mine....
  10. Awright, if ya say so, I'll totally watch it. Not right now, since I'm rather busy, but I will.

    By the way, radude. That last post of you ... This will make some problems I guess. Anyway, t'was nice talking to you! xD
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