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  1. well it was good to be there at the same time they where making the anime, I remember just waiting for it to arrive the sundays, awwwwwww good times... well yes go see the movie, is a good ending... I love it.... so
  2. Whoa, nice. Makes me realizing again that you're much older than me. xD Must have been cool to watch them as one of the first. Especially since there weren't so many animes as there are now.
    Wait, so the f ucked up ending is the better one? Or do you like the ending of the anime more? You'd suggest me to watch the films?
  3. yes I saw ll the episodes when they came out in the 90's... nd yes I saw the movie.... it has the most f uck up ending of all time....... good ending
  4. Hehe ... Let me guess: Boring?~ :P
    Ah, okay. I thought it looked like Eva 00. It's an awesome sig, btw.

    Yeah, I did like it. Though the last episodes were rather strange. I heard that I should watch the film to fully get the ending. But I didn't have the time yet to do so ... You saw the films?
  5. yes there are a lot of party in new york... dude I don't know what will my life be, without a party on the weekends....
    lest see, I don't think that sig is from evangelion, someone made it hee on this forum..

    ohh so did you like evangelion... that's was the first anime that got me hook on anime.
  6. Yeah, so it seems. Musta been a hell of a lot parties you been to recently. NY has many parties, I believe. <:
    I don't think that she can resist the complete latino package. Happy messin'!

    "Don't try this at home". Tells me the dude who just recently tried it at home. Talk about bad examples.

    By the way, that sig of you's. Is that from Neon Genesis Evangelion? 'cause I just recently finished watching the series, and it resembles that one Eva ... :P
  7. hajhajhajhaja.. dude I never pass up a
    and I hope she's willing to mess up with me, am always up to it.....

    drink and weed don't mix.... but it sure good...... DON"T TRY THIS AT HOME!
  8. Ah, then it's good. You know, ALWAYS look twice! You never know ... Dx
    That really could have been the problem indeed. Both together can be kinda mindblowing I guess. :P Though I wouldn't talk about that second part too much.

    Man, you're crazy ... Yet another party tomorrow? You really live to the fullest. But that's kewl! Never ending party.
    So you are her present then?
  9. you're dam rigght she was a girl... i know
    yes i couldn't stop drinking, and smoking some weed.....and I think that was what made me lose the time....
    well am going to a birthday tomorrow... so the party continues.... i hope i get lucky with birthday girl..... she have some history with me....jijijijijijij
  10. So you did drink? Tststs. I thought you's trying to stay sober. xD But no, you can't even remember the night. You even sure t'was a girl?
    You better drink some nice tea and make yourself a comfortable evening. So you'll be fit for the next party!

    I'm alright. Much things to do, but except for that, it's fine. Now that I'm always fit and not sick at all, you're the one who's sick. :P
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