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  1. hajhajhaja... dude the party wen well, got really drunk... I remember i was with this girl.... i don't know if something happen, but she spend the night
    oh I catch a cold now.... F ucking timing...... hey what up with ya crazy ass monkey
  2. Wohoo, Mr. radude! How's it been, the party of you's? <:
    I guess you're alright.
  3. hajhajhajhajah crazy ass panda.... well i will see what I can do to make them not make any noise...... see ya!
  4. Alright, do that! But don't drink too much. And hey - I'm going ta sleep now, you dare not to wake me up with ya loud speakers! Or moanings, for that matter. Dx

    L8er, radude.
  5. shhhhhhhhh... I have never pay any taxes to the
    yes it is opposite day, but I meant it, and about the a long time thing that you said...
    dude, time is what you have the most, just wait, and hope to get a good job...jijijijijijiji
    it would sucks if you end up, doing something else than what you study....

    well monkey orange face ... me need to go, hock up, the stereo, and the big ass speakers.... see ya in 2
    nah! maybe tomorrow at night...... byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.... i will drink one on your
  6. Hehe ... not even the gov hu? Big words for a tax paying american citizen. :P Or ya have some bank accounts in switzerland I don't know off?

    Look what we have here ... a reasonable radeclaw. What's today again? Opposite day? No, sounds good actually. I'll take that piece of advice.
    Yeah, child. It sucks. I'd like to be free ... Like some bird. Get mah own apartment, minding my own business. Well, this will take some time I guess.
  7. ahjahjahjahjahajha I own no one money... not even the gov.....jijijijijijij

    well I only party the weekends, not all the time... you should do the same... when you get to be free......jijijijijijij... you're still a
  8. Ah alright. Another advantage sure is that you can remember what ya been doing last night. :P Like, from whom you have to run away. Or whom you owe some money ...

    You think so? I heard that many people started making party every night. Sounds like fun. Though I shouldn't overdo it. Studying ain't a thing to be taken too easily.
  9. well I like to be sober, so I can enjoy the
    but dude wait till you get to college, you will be parting all day long... I mean all night
  10. Ah that's the reason. Strange, it's actually the other way round with me. I need one or two drinks, y'know to get relaxed 'n stuff ... <: Some girls tend to look better that way too. O_o
    Though actually, I'm not such a player ...

    Hehe, that might be right. You got enough stuff to drink hopefully!
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