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  1. hajhajahjahajha... dude if I get drunk, I won't be able to get the
    and is 7:33 PM here... still 3 hours until the party...

    getting laid?.... well am planing on having more than one girl..... jijijijij... they are easy when they are drunk........hajhajhajhajhajh
  2. Indeed. :P I need some 3 months more.
    And you talk happily 'bout things like gettin' laid. What's that anyway?!
    Uh yeah big speakers in the apartement. I already see the happy neighbours kicking ya door in telling you to turn the volume down.

    Hehe, I bet they are. What's the problem with being drunk though? You, like won't find the ... entrance ... anymore? Dx

    Well, 1:0 for you there. You're kinda right I guess. Now stop da party and go ta sleep, dude. :P
  3. hajahjhajhaja shit... you're a

    yes am preparing the party, we got lots of buzz over here!... am some friend bring some really big speakers, the house, I mean the aprt, is gonna blow......

    nasty chicks?... those are the good kind, down and dirty......jijijijijijiijijiji
    I hope i don't get drunk... I want some ass tonight......jijijijiji

    hey without health, there's no life..... I need my health to get laid........
  4. Shit at your health dude! It's partey! Who need health for making a nice party. Srsly. I'm disappointed of ya.

    Hehe, you have a point there. And most importantly, I'm still a minor. :P I'm not as dirty as you old guys and girlz. So you're already pregaming for teh party? <:
  5. too bad dude....I haven't shut my eyes since 3 days...... am more nervous than
    my health is not that good, but the girls are wort

    too bad you don't live here in new york, I would have invited you.... or maybe not... that would be
  6. dat's good!
    Man, dude, I'm envious! You're always partying like mad. I also want to. But I'm seriously damn busy at this very moment. I just finished my work, it's 01:00 am in the morning. So I'll stick around here a little longer, listen to some music (song's called laugh/love/f uck ... very fitting for you xD) and ride the net. Maybe I'll even sleep somewhen. Though that might be unlikely to happen ...

    good lookin ... you just be careful you don't let some shemales into ya house, dude! :P
  7. yes am right.... bad look you never on when am online....... but what do you know... you're online now..... party tonight at my getting ready to have the wildest party in my life..... only friends and good looking

    hey what's uppppppppppppp dude from the other side of the
  8. jo jijijiji-dude! Wassup twodayz? Hope y'allright!
  9. ahjhajahjahja yes I sorprice miself sometimes... how come I wrote that
    dude sorry I log off before we talk but the thing is I was getting ready to go to work.....yes an exuse for leaving without
    saying good bye... am sometimes like that... careless...jijij

    wow I saw a vid... they where shemales... wow the where more pretty than most gilrs out there.....jijijiji

    obama... rocks.....but his dance
    well cheap beer for me from now on.... did you know they even make candy out of weed...... those people have to be high to be doing something like that..... actually they could have been high when they came up with that crazy Idea.....Idea rime with ikea......... see ya soon espace monkey... with a orange smell, and the look of a
  10. By the way, radude: kudos for writing that much. I think that's new record.
    It's okay. It really is kinda interesting. Especially if it's that late and I'm bored and tired and sick. xD
    Doesn't it work in the other direction as well? Like woman change into men? That would be even more unusual I guess ...

    Well, that's stupid. If it was that expensive, I might not try it out. I don't want to waste that much money on something which doesn't even make me high, late alone tastes good. :P

    Guess you're right. Better not ask him that. Though it would be fun having the FBI knocking on your door ...

    Yeah, I'll do something about it, I swear, I'll toughen myself up! I need a work-out!
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