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  1. hajhajhajhajhajah ohh man sorry to brought it up... but the shemale thins is really interesting.... the are man change to be a woman... but they had the man thing...and like stray guys..... but as you said they are both....

    the beer was expensive it was imported from some far away country... but later the same week we find out they made the same beer in California... so we wasted extra money for something we could had have for

    hey i don't want the FBI banging on my door for asking the president if he have ever thought of shemales...I don't want to be look up as a terrorist.... wow I just when there!
    well long lives liberty.... or whatever the heck that is!.......

    dude go get some sleep if it is that late... and do something abut your sickness.. that's not normal....
  2. I just ask because you brought up that topic again ... :P Are shemales necessarily gay? Or hetero? How do you refer to them anyway? You can't say whether they are hetero or gay, since they are kinda both. xD Which means they are hetero and gay at once. Gah, too much thinking too late at night with too much a headache and a cold ...

    Ah, on the net, alright. Maybe I should take a look too. I'd really like to know how it taste. And yeah, thanks for the reminder, but I already drink very diligentely. Not very often, just when going out with some friends. Never really too much. Hangover suck.
    Getting raped suck too. Soo I try to not drink to much that those things won't happen to me.

    Ah, that's great. Having two brains sure has some advantages. Does this mean you're double intelligent? Must have been easy at school then ...
    Dunno if Obama had. You gotta ask him I guess. Just write him a letter.
  3. yes gay people are
    the beer a friend of mine bought it on the net... not particular store..but yea beer is beer at the end... buit don't get too drunk out there... you minght get rape...... yes the gay Joke again.....jijijijijijiji

    yes my pines have a brain of
    weird talk.......
    * hummm I wonders if obama has thought of shemales*..........
  4. Now that's some good suggestion you have there. I haven't seen something like this either, on a side not and am not particularly interested either.
    So yeah on to change the subject ... !

    Bitter. 'kay. Yeah, I already figured that you get drunk if you drink too much of it. In the end, beer is still beer.
    And true, not such a big difference.
    I never heard of that before and now you made me interested ... where did you get to try that?

    Alright. Well you have to try them somewhen. So your pines will stop wondering and therefore stop talking. Must be strange to have talking pines. I wonder ...
  5. yes anime people are
    hummmmm .... shemale cosplay?......that's something i never seen...anyway before my mind wonders around that....let me change subject...jijiji

    the beer was bitter... and no you can't get high from it... but you can get drunk!... not much difference there...jijijij

    no I have never try European... but I have know how Australina are... and taste like!...
  6. Hahaha ... You WISH! XD Well, you're really lucky that you added the JK-part. I wouldn't want you to be raped by cosplaying shemales. I couldn't arrange this with my conscience. And maybe they would rape me too, since I brought you to talk about this ...

    Oi! Beer made out of weed. Never heard of this before. You don't get high outta this, do you? I can't imagine that this'd taste.

    You never tried europeans before?
  7. hajhajhajhajhajhajhajahajha hey only if they are good looking shemales.....XD...

    hmmmmmm!... there's a beer made out of weed... i tasted and is bad.... is not that really have to be a weed lover to say it is

    hummmmmm Europeans ..... me want some..... sorry that's my pines
  8. You and your perverse fantasies! Yuck.
    And YEAH, let's hope they're girls. Orrrrrrrrrrr they are men who are cosplaying and pretend to be girls.

    Yeahyeah, you totally have to visit Amsterdam dude. And ... taste some women there. I bet they taste like weed.
    Brownie shops ... xD
  9. I know... that's why I wrote JK at the end..... anime people are crazy... they might find me and rape me..... I hope they are girls.....jijijijijiji

    I hear about the red district place.....
    and the brownies shop.....
    I want to taste Europeans..... women!
  10. It's okay dude. I'm not into cosplay either. But if you did not write that JK-part, other people here would kill you quite possibly.

    Yeah, and if you move to Amsterdam, I'll give you a little tip: you have to take a visit to the red-light districts there. I heard they're great.
    And of course to those coffee shops where you're allowed to smoke weed.
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