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  1. he he he well i dono if it is.... he he he well it seems alright i suppose hmm.... im not sure lol ha ha ha
    and good hi~ put an accent on the i in hi sounds kinda contradicting lol he he he
  2. hey monkey dude, stop floating this message

    anyway.... yes am a nice person, who loves to do bad things..... is that wrong?
    hello and good bye..... am not here at the moment .....
  3. awww that would be to good now would it... but im sure u wouldn't do anything like that on purpose.... sometimes it's hard to be honest without hurting ppl like that so i tend to just focus on the nice truth the obvious one that's not a judge of character
  4. yes I know what you mean... besides I won't do it again.... I don't want some emo girl wanting to kill herself just because of some real
  5. well i guess u'll have to c then wont u *sticks out tongue at u* and well yah sometimes the truth hurts but when it's made to be hurtful that's kinda mean .. i try to avoid that if u kno what i mean
  6. well unlike you... I been bad here... I hurt someone, well I didn't hurt her/him, I just toll him/her the true........ no way you can be more weird than me,,... am a especial
  7. he he he that's right ^^
    and no worries i will.... he he he im not mean natured i would never make u feel bad purposely... but to me ur not weird at all... im quite weird myself
  8. ok so is settle... we will take it
    be gentle on me, I don't do this kind of things very often........ <-------- yes am weird
  9. yah well i wont think things like that about u im sure ur none of those things considering ^^ and oks i'll tell yah when i get to kno u a bit better ... it would be pointless to judge u like that right now considering i don't kno very much about u .. and well i don't mind drama as long as im not involved in it that is
  10. yes m fun to talk too.... but I been call mean, low life, and ass
    I want to know, as wen we get to know each other, what you will think of me?..... am a very curious kind of guy...... i like to talk, but I hate
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