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  1. yea.... we sometimes get bored of people we don't know..... am such s tool...... yes I been use, by many.......;p
  2. sorry for the delay.... see you later..* thinking* whay do we say see you later when in fact we don't see anyone?...... just a screen and some
    bye am watching the watchmen.....jijijijijji

    the crazy panda is here?... be careful, he wants to rule the world , and taste man......
  3. I use Gimp. I love it. It's the closest thing I can get to photshop. Not exactly but I can use some of the brushes and other things XD
  4. ohhhhhhhhh now I see.... I can crop some of them, when i get the

    so what program do you use for this..... I have use adobe illustrator....
  5. It's a cut out image. That means it won't have a background and I can easily place it on some sort of background.
  6. hajhajhajahj render, that's giberish for
    don't worry about

    so the new ones that you made are on your album?
  7. Hmmmm... alright, but I'll have to have someone render those images, cause I can't render worth a crap. If you can find a render, it be much easier for me.....^^;;
  8. yes am a hard critic..... so when you're free, I might make you made me on sig... with the pics i had on my album...............
  9. Well I was going to remake that Shana one cause that was when I still was a noob to siggy making. I also have 2 other reques. It just depends on how much time I got.

    Hard critic????
  10. errrr what sig?
    and about the one person..... yes I think she does......jijij
    so are ya working on one now?
    am a hard critic....
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