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  1. Your welcome. You to man, you have a good one and take care.
  2. thank you! and good bye .... see ya around dude !
  3. I would have to agree with you on that. Any way enjoy your movie.
  4. dude see ya later.... .
  5. I hate hentai, if i want to see porn I see a porn, hentai is fake
    nahy am gonna watch an old anime 3x3, a friend of mine recomend it to me
  6. I take it your talking about henti.
    Well yeah that thread is fun and a few other game ones.
  7. well am gonna watch some porn and anime at the same time......l.ol
    dude seriously, there's nothing here!... what about the thread of say something about the person above you!... that seams fun?
  8. No kidding. Well I have other crap to occupy my time, don't know about you.
  9. well wish me luck am gonna see if I find something good here!
    but no just yet!
    it seams that the only fun thing is sending visitors messages<------- wow that sounded so DEJA VU'
  10. You and me both, and most likely the rest of the forum community.
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