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  1. yeh c ya latter .
  2. hajahjahja ok, don't you hate the new heavy mettal of this time, wow so noisy..... dude see ya later I had to go now....
  3. some maybe .
  4. rock not screaming .
  5. so what kind of music they sing?
    ifthey are good I'll give them a try!
  6. i c so u dont no thim its ok u should look thim up they r good
  7. see I had no Idea what you're talking about, I don't know them, that's why the past is more important, why? because they already made a name and fame, but the singers of today only care of making money, and live for today, they won't let anything for the future !
  8. bullet for my valentine
    hawthorn heights
    do u no those bands
  9. look dude the 80's where so full of new kinds of music, but now is only rap rap and hip hop... look at this list
    tears for fears
    guns for roses
    Phil Collins
    duran duran
    Rod Stewart
    and the list keeps going
    and what about this time, let me see
    canye west
    see i won't keep going because is all hip hop,or rap, just tell me of a good band that is good on this time?...... I'll wait!
  10. yeh so who can u name ? .
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