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  1. yes nostalgia is one of my favorite feelings!
    I could name a couple of really good songs and singers from the 80's ... but I can't Recoment any from this time, the music of today sucks !... is ether rap or hip hop, or that noisy metal music make me sick!
  2. i c what u meen at and yeh ur right .
  3. me too, but just a little.... am way into 80's music, am living in the past dude.... the music has more feelings then the music of today.......
  4. im in to rock like A7X .
  5. me am into hip hop, rap, yes old school rap, and music from the 80's, new wave and
  6. nice that mite but fun.. lol so what kind of music do u lissin to
  7. me am geat.. yes like the
    and me too am trying to make friends too... but I don't ask them to be ask, they have to send me an ask
  8. good just talking to friends and trying to make one in the proses so what u up to
  9. ok we'll see if you could be a friend...... but right now.... sup dude how are ya!
  10. allright we will see if we can b friends so how have u been
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