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  1. its no problem i am glad that you have had good things.
  2. and thank you once more. :3 The kindness of AO members never cease to exist, i am indeed happy
  3. im glad it helped you and i think its really good that your doing good now.
  4. Thank you for wishing me well I actually needed that :3
  5. i hope you can as well ^__^ and you take care as well.
  6. Yesshy and it has been a long while isn't it XD. Writing poems and commenting on other's poems are pure bliss. Such fond memories :3 I hope I could create a new poem soon. take care
  7. yeah we were i loved writing poems and reading them as well. its been forever since i wrote anything. i will think of something of something to write.
  8. thank you for the tea and cookies , and i think it was 2009 we last talked , but i am glad you returned this place has needed some attention with posters. maybe i will see you around the threads maybe *sips my tea*
  9. Hello Its been a long while and I just wanna say Hi. I hope life is treating you well *gives you cookies and tea*. Take care :3
  10. your welcome im glad to give you tea and cookies any time
    and my day is going ok , i hope your will go good today
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