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  1. You didn't deserve that. That wasn't very nice of them to be doing that to you. You are much better then those jerks who pick on kind people like you. I know how it must feel to be against by bunch of gang losers who thinks they know it all and stuff. I didn't went on animeforum for long I only went there for a short while so I didn't really stick around.
  2. Pretty much:/

    Some of the people around there just love starting trouble, and they gang up on you in the threads and give out as much negative rep to one person at a time. They're just cyber bullies and jerks, and the truly sad part is that the mods don't really do anything about it, so basically it was choice between sticking around and taking the abuse, or leave, so I left, kind of.:/
  3. When you say you had few problems with few people do you mean you had fights with them?
  4. Hey, I belong to those forums too, but I only go to Animeforum to answer PMs from a couple of friends since I had some trouble with a few of the people around there, so I won't post there anymore.:/

    And I only go to Anime-forums for answering PMs too, but I do post every once in awhile.
  5. I joined animeforum and then Anime-Forums but animeforum I don't go on anymore I do go on Anime-Forums a little bit.
  6. Wow, you're a newbie not just to anime, but to the whole anime forum experience, awesome!

    Just like with live-action tv shows, there are good anime series, and some really bad ones, but the good ones you always remember.^^

    So what other forums are you on?
  7. 6 months been watching anime. At the start I liked anime but never really watched it but since I joined anime forum and gave it a try by watching anime.
  8. Well kind of. See manga is just "comics" while anime is "animation" like with a cartoon.

    I actually joined Mangafox earlier this month, but I guess you could say that i'm still a newbie there.^^

    And that's great, just make sure that you don't feel overwhelmed, because it's a BIG forum.O_O

    So how long have you been watching anime?
  9. Manga is anime right? You joined this forum yesterday. I'm going to join mangafox
  10. It's called Mangafox, and as the name says, it's a manga forum.^^
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