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  1. LOL, thanks xD

    Well if I were a girl we might have issues, but since i'm not, you have nothing to worry about.
  2. I see no problem with you and I remaining friends, I haven't regret it so far, this may work. :P
  3. That's cool, I belong to a bunch of different anime and manga forums that I haven't been to in awhile too.

    I think it's great that you still have a few people here to talk to, most of the people I started talking to here have left completely, and one of the others I usually talk to in another forum.^^
  4. I've joined others boards in the past but like most of the members joining this site these days, they were not able to offer sustenance to my interests. I have probably dozens of forgotten accounts scattered throughout the world of anime forums. I'll just settle down here until it either forfeits the domain or something unexpected happens. I've no intention of leaving soon though. There's a few people I like to keep in touch with.
  5. Hehe that's pretty much the life of an anime forum, they peak and then they get less and less active.:/ But I must say that this forum has lasted considerably longer than most, since some forums that were just created last year are already closed down. And thanks for understanding, I always try to respond even if it takes a month or two. xD

    So is this your first anime forum?
  6. The site seems to acquire a few new members each day but I think their interests seems to peak very briefly before realizing that there's not much here rather than a few threads with months old posts. I've sort of fallen out of the loop myself, I haven't kept up with any anime lately and I hate forcing myself a taste for a certain show for the sake of being trendy. No worries about the reply, I figured you seemed decent enough to respond back eventually. :P

    Enjoy the site as much as you can because it's pretty much just a gray and magenta homepage.
  7. Oh and sorry for the late reply, I was out of town on vacation for a few days.^^
  8. Well hello there Chris, i'm Stan, and it's nice meeting you, and thanks for the friend request.

    Yeah I admit that this forum is pretty empty, but what it needs is more people in it, not so much more "posting".^^
    What I mean is this is a discussion forum, but if only one or even two people are the only ones posting, there won't be much of a "discussion", and I know because that's the way it was for me in my first anime forum.
    Me and one of the mods tried to be as active as possible hoping that others would follow, but it didn't work.:/

    And from what I could tell from this forum, most of the people left to go to another forum, so it might not be at it's former glory.
  9. Hi there, I've noticed you're fairly new. You should get in the habit of posting more often, this site is starved for activity. I'm Chris by the way, it's nice to meet you.
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