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  1. O_O

    Wow i'm not really sure if I showed even reply to this right away, since you might not even be here to get this for another 8 months, but i've been okay.^^

    I've been pretty busy myself, with work and other things but at least over a month ago I got a little bit of a vacation.

    So how have you been, and what's new?
  2. Yeah, as you can tell I am back now idk how 4 long but been busy. how have u been?
  3. Wow sorry to hear about the weather there, it's pretty cold here now, but it should be back up in the 80s pretty soon, by the way I live in Florida.

    And i'm doing okay, right now i'm just at the library on the computer checking my messages and stuff.^^

    So will you be leaving the forum again anytime soon?
  4. ^^ well good to hear. I am good frezzing its so cold here oh I can't wait for the summer to come lol.
    So how are you doing?
  5. Well then I won't be a stranger.

    So how are you doing?
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