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  1. Lol XD

    Uh her username was "Dead silence" I think that she just might be on your friends list too.^^
  2. Yeah, something like that. That sucks, what was her username?
  3. Hahaha, oh that is sweet!XD

    That's how you do it, just gain their trust, and then when the moment comes, rip it away from them, or something like that.

    Hey i just found out that a girl that befriended me here not too long ago, was lying about herself. I found out when I saw that her "mother" left a message on her profile saying that her daughter lied and that "she"(being the mother) thinks this is some kind of "art site".^^
  4. I spent a few years being a good kid, now the teachers think I can't do any wrong and will bend the rules for me.
  5. Hahahahaha, "hell highschool"?

    Exactly how have you been able to survive such a torturous place? O.O
  6. Yeah, I affectionately refer to this place as Hell High School. I developed my own trick to surviving this place.
  7. Yeah I remember those days, back when I had to escape from the nightmare called "school". *shivers*

    I remember that me and my other class mates would sneak away from the class during the last few minutes in school, so that we'd be down the hallway by the time the bell rang!xD We had to do that to get out of the school before everyone else did.
  8. Both, but mostly school.*need 50 characters*
  9. Get out alive? Out of school or the house or both? lol
  10. It's good so far, just trying to get out alive.
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