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  1. Yeah, and thanks man, that means alot.^^

    So how has you Friday been going so far?
  2. Gee, that sucks. Well I hope your luck improves and tomorrow goes well.
  3. I'm alright thanks, and how are you?^^

    I love Fridays, but in the past Fridays have almost always been the "unluckiest" day for me, and I don't know why.:/ Like everything that can go wrong, usually does it on a Friday.

    I usually don't work on the weekend, but when someone can only have me over during the weekend, I have to. And I have to work tomorrow
  4. I got ya. So how are you, glad it's Friday, or don't you have weekends off?
  5. I'm sure you will, and yes a "very" good friend, if you get my meaning?
  6. Yeah, hopefully I'll get to talk to her again soon. That sucks, is she a good friend.
  7. Like I said, my memory's blurry and love was in the air, so it could have happened XD

    Oh that's too bad, but at least you got a chance to talk to her.

    I still haven't been able to talk to one of my friends for awhile, but I know that she's probably busy.
  8. Fought a police officer? It was okay I guess, I didn't get to talk to my girlfriend till the end of the day.
  9. I've been alright I guess, just feeling a little nauseous.:/

    Valentine's day was just like any other day for me, I went to work, came back home, and fell asleep. I'm sure that somewhere in there I might have eaten and fought a police officer, but my memories kind of blurry.xD

    So how was your Valentines day?
  10. Yeah your right about that. So how have you been? Did you have a good Valentine's day?
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