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  1. I guess that there are more towns like that in the world than we know.

    and sorry for the late reply again, I couldn't get back on until now.^^
  2. Yeah, the nearest town it doesn't show up on the map, and it gets it's news from the newspaper of the bigger town close by.
  3. Lol, I know how that feels.

    The town I live in seems like the middle of nowhere, but it's also small, so you could pass through here going from one town to the next without even realizing that this place even existed.xD
  4. No, I just live in the middle of nowhere, the nearest town is miles away. Your very welcome.
  5. You don't have a library in the town you live in?O.O

    And thanks for accepting!
  6. Yeah. I read alot, but I can't get to the library in the nearby town. I am happy to accept your request.
  7. Well that's okay, there's no crime in that.
    In fact I have to use the computer at the library so i'm only on when the library is open, so when it's not I can't be.:/

    Oh yeah and I hope you accept my humble request.^^
  8. No nothing that serious. It;s just that I can only use the Internet here at my school, and I'm graduating in about 2 years.
  9. Really? Why is that?o.O

    Don't tell me, you have a terminal disease and you only have 2 years to live?:O
  10. That sounds like a plan to me, although there might be some complications on my end in about 2 years.
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