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  1. I'm sure he was a good guy, and i'm not saying that he became a "bad one", but the forum was his baby and he was to at least stick around long enough to watch it grow up. :P

    So i'm guessing from the lack of chatter that your conversations with equinn are over with now? :O
  2. yeah true but from what i heard form others he was so busy you was lucky to even hear from him in a pm. but he was a good guy though i was fact if you can find them in the AO archives you can see a lot of the older people and conversations they had about this place and other things. they had good times back then.
  3. Oh really, that long? O_O
    But you're right, though personally I think that if you help create a forum you should at least stick around to see what becomes of it. :/

    If he ever comes back he'll be pretty shocked to find out how different the forum is from when he was last here.^^
  4. i replied , it is the first time he has posted since i have been on AO i think but its cool he did.
  5. That and Sinistra needs to stop programming and sending spam bots into the site as a sort of revenge against all that wronged him, lol, jk xP

    Hey one of the founders of AO came back, but I don't think he knows how much it's changed, here's the thread he made
  6. i guess we should have been less active then .
  7. This is so true, I mean when you think about it, did you ever notice this many spam bots before you and I started chatting more and more in the forum over these past 2 months?O_O
    I think we were the ones that "summoned" the bots, lol xD
  8. well with as active as we are here and AI this place might get more sight activeness and stuff which is why there are so many bots on AO now XD
  9. Haha okay, but what's been "perplexing" you lately? O_o
  10. i have been good just a bit busy and perplexed about stuff lol.
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