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  1. Thanks, and sorry but it wasn't all that good, since I spent the last two days being sick. :/

    But the upside to ME being sick is the fact that even though my body is aching, my thoughts have never been clearer.

    So how have you been?^^
  2. ok thats cool talk to you then and have a good few days off. and i hope others come back as well.
  3. Yeah I noticed you've been busy I guess that happens every time I start talking to you, like how suddenly others i've never seen started posting to that thread Art made.^^

    And it seems he's finally given up after staring at the bleak existence of the spam bot forum. D: I just hope that he's able to find a new forum that gives him the kind of thrill he used to get from here.

    Anyway I won't be back on until Tuesday again, so take care man
  4. lol thats true i might try it later then to see what happens right now im gonna wait for a bit im talking to a friend here i have not talked to since 2007 or somewhere along there. i dint need banned when im just able to talk to them again XD.
  5. Well who's to say that the mods can even ban people, I mean with all of the spam blockers broke they might not even have the ability to ban you.^^ Of course even if they did, what would even be the point in banning you from a "dead" forum, unless they're bored. :P
  6. no Xd but with my luck someone is watching and still can ban people and it could be me that makes them finally make them do something XD lol
  7. Oh now you've GOT to do it!:P

    I mean who's exactly going to ban you, the spam bots? O_O
  8. dont tempt me because i just might, and i was banned from here before but the owner before bebop let me back in and i kept quiwet since then because i like this site.
  9. Lol that gives me an idea, why don't you create a thread telling the new owners how much they suck, and let's see if anything happens to you, which i'm sure it won't, since the mods don't even care anymore. XD
  10. true so the new owners are complete ****tards or they are smart lol.
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