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  1. Disneyworld must be
    magical.. ☺
    I wanna go so bad
    How is your day?
  2. hello! how are you? stuck doing a poetry project so i thought of taking a break. . . hmm . . . uh hey have you heard of 'meant to live' by switchfoot? you should hear it! hehe um careful as you talk to me cause my mom made a sugared dish and i have a tendency to sugar! hey is it true that japan had another 6.8 earthquake?
  3. HUGE problem, believe me

    haha well but that happens pretty fast, but it's the same fo anime, manga and other shows ;D have u eve seen a koean tv show?

    i will potect ou genius philosophy^^

  4. well hm it is rather a pob when u just like one drama, then it has around 15 ep and each goes 60+ min... then u can imagine it, that when u just look 2 dramas u have spent much time on them^^ but well i do not eally prefer asian actors, but there ae still some cool guys aound kim hyun joong for instance D
    i recommend you have fallen for me, playful kiss, and you are beautiful

    uhhh see even u can do it ;D D

    yeah i'm a very understandable person^^ but i warn u don't cheat on ou philosophy DD
    well i#m looking a bit aound, afaid to go on with the dramas
  5. ahh nad this r key on my laptop is also annoying -.- thanks

    they ae goood for many things waah i'm getting addicted to k-dramas :O

    they are easy ones
    hello- Hallo.
    goodbye - Tsch?ss / Auf Wiedersehen.

    how are u doing these days?
  6. yeah woaaah and i'm feeling so dead -.- and now the exams ae stating diectly afte this stupid reseach paper -.- so damn annoying. well today i wote my english exam and i was able to use many words which i leant while watching anime o reading manga

    thanks but it was really bad :/ well nevemind

    why not much ? which words would u like to know?
  7. I live in Dublin
    and visit Belfast
    like.. every week
    xD So i'm very
    comfortable in
    large cities..
    I want to see
    the bridges! and
    the rude people
    on the street..
    I mean we have
    our own rude people
    here.. but they don't
    have new york accents!
    I wanna go to Disneyland
    too.. They don't have one
    In england or ireland
    so.. since i've never
    been to france i've never
    been to disneyland ;[
  8. No.. I'd kill
    anyone who
    would make fun
    of my baby..
    *evil glare at
    the future generation*
    But I want to travel
    to America.. I want
    to see New York and
    go to the Miami Beaches..
    I want to gamble in Las Vegas
    Have you been to any
    of these places..?
  9. I don't know..
    I probably won't
    have any niece's or
    nephews though..
    I kick a bit too hard..
    I'd name my child
    LHADY! pronounced
    "lady" Isn't that a
    pretty name? I
    hope she is blonde..
    If my brother has
    a child before me
    I'm gonna steal it..
    I deserve a child
    so much more!
    Like I don't wanna raise
    one though..
    I just wanna name one
  10. I was a minor
    when I signed it!
    ;o! *gasp*
    And I read
    Lady Manga.. it's
    my keyword for
    um.. *cough*
    *raises glasses*
    For manga targeted
    to Ladies, yes..
    Though I don't
    really like the
    yaoi ones their
    overly sexual I
    like shounen-ai
    it's much more
    focused on the story
    and plot.. But yeah
    they really have
    some deep storylines
    and wonderful art..
    Guys usually see it
    as just porn but
    that is because
    it usually has
    sexual undertones
    but like.. what guys
    see as rape many girls
    see as someone just
    not being able to hold
    in their love for that person
    .. THOUGH that only works
    with two guys.. I'm 100%
    against rape to females
    in any form.. ;3.. hehe
    Double standard ^_^
    by the way it's
    not graphic rape..
    It usually just
    skips to the morning
    scene.. But you
    can tell what happens
    through hints..
    It's made by girls
    so you gotta be quick
    at picking up suttle hints
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