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  1. ;o.. DAMN!
    No.. it was in
    the fine print!
    I can do what
    I wish.. ;3..
    I don't know it
    doesn't go into
    specifics.. so its
    fine! You have
    a stalker! ;o
    I once asked
    a boy out.. but
    he was with friends..
    That day I learnt
    how the male brain
    works >_<...
    I think i'd be the dominant
    person.. but then again
    most of my love advice
    comes from lady manga..
    I will probably rape
    the first person I fall in
    love with.. but in the manga
    they always turn
    out as lovers.. So
    I guess that makes up
    for the whole..
    "I violated you" thing..
  2. Hehe food..
    Sorry i'm late
    responding i've
    been reading a
    manga and fighting
    with my brother..
    My days are so
    damn boring XD!
    Have you ever
    had a girlfriend?
    I wonder what it's
    like.. I mean legally
    I'm marrying my friend
    but.. I've never had
    a boyfriend ☼.☼..
    I bet it's magical..
    Like angels and cupid
    all come together..
    But god has my perfect
    match for me somewhere
    Hopefully in Ireland
    because I dislike
    travelling long distances..
  3. 50 Euros
    is the money
    prize.. ;3
    And a big
    We're gonna split
    the money but
    I get the trophy
    cause noone else
    seems to care..
    ;c.. having a trophy
    Cause I can show it off
    I'll probably spend my 20euros
    on like.. food XD!
    nom nom nom..
    maybe i'll save it..
    But second and third
    place gives money
    too.. Not as much though
  4. No, but my
    school talent
    show is coming
    up and me and
    3 of my friends
    are gonna be
    a performance of
    Verjamem by Eva Boto
    xD We all just fell in
    love with this song
    and i'm doing the music
    ._. classical instrumental XD
    The other 2 will be doing
    the singing cause they
    have vocals of the
    gods.. but they can't
    play fast music on the
    cello like momma can!
    <--- i'm momma now,
    We may do it with 4
    cause we have room
    for a harp player..
    and my brother can do it
    I think.. the harp doesn't
    seem that difficult XD
    .. if it is we're screwed ^_^
  5. haha no..
    I can't sing
    Maybe performing
    for their music
    though ^_^
    Your not
    allowed to lip
    sing in Eurovision
    having any vocals
    on your sound
    track DQ's you..
    Rumble rumble rumble
  6. Almost every
    country in the
    world has..
    "american idol"
    hehe.. But no
    American Idol isn't
    the first actually..
    I forgot which one
    was but yeah..
    Each country has that
    xD though Ireland
    not at the moment..
    We have The Voice though
    which is going on now..
    But having an Americanvision
    for Canada, America, Central
    America and the Carib. would
    be really awesome.. I'd
    love to hear all the different
    kind of music that's in the
    Carib! ;D

    EDIT: Ireland has
    the X Factor we share
    that with the U.K.. So
    it's not just british people
    we also perform there
  7. We'll it's simple..
    Each country in
    Europe and some
    parts of
    Asia and North Africa
    all pick one contestant..
    and send them to sing
    their hearts out!!
    It's held in the capital country
    of whoever won last..
    This year it's in
    Azerbaijan, Baku
    Dublin, Ireland IN 2013!
    Basically each country
    gives 12 points
    to who they like best..
    and then 8, 7, 6 and
    so on. Half the votes
    are on jury members
    or like.. secret people
    of the EU government
    and half on people
    calling or texting in
    their votes.. It's
    just a singing comp.
    to say basically xD
    Though if a country
    wins it can boast
    their economy and get
    them some attention..
    It is clearly boasting
    the Azerbaijan economy
    I didn't even know about
    them until they won last
    year.. (I voted for Estonia
    not them!) ;3 hehe..
    ramble ramble ramble!
  8. Hello, I'm Adrian. I just wanted to introduce myself to you.
  9. That's my
    slab.. Nuff' said
    But I just
    did school..
    And then came home
    and checked who
    is singing in
    Eurovision for
    each country..
    (I just now check!)
    Russia is sending 6
    Grandmas.. They sing
    pop/dance music.. I find
    it really cute and
    elderly ^_^
    But I also know Russia
    is a nuclear country..
    <_<.. Those grannies
    are probably spies!
    My favorite though
    I Sweden and Cyprus
    Though Denmarks is
    good too.. Everyone is
    good though! ^_^
    except Israel.. It's..
    "EH" ;D!!! The U.K's
    I don't like much
  10. Ranma..
    Could you be
    anymore elderly
    and cheezy then
    what you just
    Felt like a
    speed dating
    ^_^ but you
    know your
    just a little old
    fashion.. and i'm
    just making the
    fashion! It's
    what I do..
    But my favorite
    dance choreographer
    died and i just
    found out..
    he died like two
    months ago
    but I just found
    out now.. Cause
    I'm reals slow and
    all.. I never knew
    him but he had a
    movie about himself
    and then I saw one
    of his plays ☼.☼
    He lived to 78 though..
    so that's good xD
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