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  1. lol i do have something to talk about but first....

    eat RAMEN!!!

    I have a dream. my dream is to work for a manga company in japan. to be an editor. is its possible or am i way over my head?
  2. woooh u know what i really have no luck -.- see i worked the whole sunday till the moning to 6 o#clock on my reseach paper without sleeping.then i ate breakfast, wanted to print it out, and then they said my file was broken -.- my whole work was gone... i had to wite a new one in 7 hous today -.- waah i'm so tired and pissed -.-

    haha that is pretty bad to learn languages waah i can teach u a few words
    that is nice okey that is nice much better than my weekend -.- but well i have done the stupid repot instead of going to school ;D
  3. Ranma, you
    must have never
    met a real lady..
    I wear my make
    up in a way
    that makes it
    seem invisible
    but makes my
    skin seem
    perfect ☼.☼!
    A lady should
    not let her make
    up be seen..
    that's really ugly
    ;3 guys must
    have their
    own standards
    too or more
    since im a lady
    and not a girl
    a lady is above
    a girl ☼.☼
    CUZ I SO
  4. I see.
    ... Then... I get what they learn? I dunno.

    Skype would work. I actually have it open right now... so... :3 Sure. It would be easier elsewhere, methinks.
  5. I only
    read the
    most recent
    ☼.☼ ...
    and I first
    learnt the
    but the cello
    is difficult
    cause it
    crushes me..
    But It's
    just giving
    me my
    tough love!
    And future back
    problems ;[
    it's 1:15
    right now ^_^
    My mam will be
    kicking me off
    soon when she
    returns from
    work but i'll
    be back around 4..
    hehe that's when
    I prepare myself
    for School!
    Beauty such
    as mine isn't
    natural.. it's
    artificially natural
    which makes it
    just as much awesome
  6. I'm part French, if that really counts for anything. Lol
    I'm almost always confused. The simplest things confuse me.
    Oh totally. -pulls out a knife- I shall kill you with this. Did I mention that this knife is made of plastic? It shall kill well!
    OH YEAH! I shall do my best to teach their children. But, of course, it would be better if I earned my money's worth. If the child doesn't learn much then I don't deserve much. If they learn a lot, then I get a lot. I'd feel terrible about taking their money without earning it.

    Oh yes. I have email and Skype. I don't use my email much. Skype isn't one I use a lot either... but I use it.
  7. Mexicans on
    But no it
    was just part
    of a lesson
    i'm learning ;3
    How to pluck
    the strings..
    |_| I makes
    And yes..
    you are 27
    but look 72
    ☼.☼ I understand
  8. Is it because I'm French?
    Lol What? That doesn't even make sense in this context... I dunno what I'm saying.
    Yeah. But he really was a Mexican who played the Oboe. He was so awesome. xD And yes. You better watch your back, I just might appear behind you and stab you to death. You might get decapitated!

    I don't see any point in wearing such a thing. I'd rather not wear it anyways. Like you said, it takes away true beauty!

    I just might consider this. From what I have heard, private tutors actually get fairly good pay. Enough to get through life for that's all that is needed.
  9. Yeah... I actually feel sorry for people who have never changed schools. They don't know the pain of it. And they don't know the joy of meeting your first friend. Oh. Yes. That'a what I did. I killed my last boyfriend. He was a Mexican that played the Oboe. He deserved to die.

    Lol no. What am I saying? That is terrible! I would never kill him. He's too nice. I would never kill anyone. I wouldn't be able to live knowing that someone's blood is on my hands and it's all my fault.

    As I have learnt. The girls stay away from me. Something about being a "freak of nature" because I don't wear make-up. I kinda find this funny. I'm really only friends with males. Most girls would try to change my appearance. I only have like, 2 female friends. But it's fun.

    Oh yes. But private schools aren't that great either. The students will be like that no matter where you go. :I The kids in my French class made our teacher quit. They made her cry everyday! It was terrible!
  10. Oh. Apparently people in this school don't like new students. Something about not growing up with them, therefore they cannot be trusted no matter how long you know them. :I

    Pfft. I see. Memory is something a lot of people struggle with. I know that I cannot remember what I had for dinner 30 minutes ago...

    I'll be able to get everything except the love life. Lol. I'm terrible with relationships anyways. So it wouldn't make much of a difference. And if anything, I'll end up being a substitute, not that there is anything wrong with that. But subs tend to be treated terribly... and I'd probably end up braking down because people who refuse to learn anything from subs just make me so mad.
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