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  1. True. True. Perhaps I am actually undead. A zombie of some sorts.

    I doubt I am. I don't know enough people to form a band. The best I'd get is probably a quartet...
    Um... about 5 years I think. This may be my 6th year. But I'm not entirely sure. I just know I've been playing since 6th grade and have worked extremely hard to get my chair. (I'm supposed to be 2nd clarinet, but there are only four clarinets in our band... and I'm the only 2nd. Our 1st clarinet isn't gonna be here for the concert, which means I have no choice but to play 1st, not that it matter, I'll be playing 1st next year, so it's just like one giant idea as to what I'll be dealing with next year~)
  2. you miss understand Robert's anime corner store is an online store.

    yea walkin is good. health my day was good, it was quite for the most part. sleepy my meds zonk me out alota. ea bus drivers need jobs an money too. some need to support themselves. well you take care to Your Friend, Raven
  3. PandaCream, was
    always taken..
    So PandiCream was
    second choice! ;3
    Hehe I don't know
    how that came to be
    How did you pick
    your name?
  4. This is true. This is very true, lol. Well, people tend to be cold when they die because the blood isn't flowing. Perhaps I'm dead...?

    Pfft. School. I wish I was awesome enough to form my own concert band. That would be so awesome!
  5. Yeah. It does count. Even breathing counts as something, but I'm not entirely sure if I did such a thing. D:

    Oh. It's a concert band concert.... that looks and sounds awkward, but we aren't an orchestra. We are a concert band... And we have a concert. I have to play 1st clarinet in it, which means I get an awesome 1st clarinet solo.
  6. I doubt it will, such things never help. I'm just hoping my cold will die out before my concert. It'd be terrible and I'd mess up so much if I was still sick by then. Coughing while trying to play a solo? No thank you.

    I think... all I really did was sit around in my bed, watching some PewDiePie videos. Then I played Amnesia The Dark Descent for a few hours and cried because I got scared.
  7. That's good. I'm glad you are feeling better.

    And no, I'm unfortunately not. I am having some herbal tea medicine though. Hopefully it will help.
  8. well i get round by bus, mostly

    i walk too sometimes, but only short distances yea Robert's Anime Corner Store is good place an so is cosplay house enjoy the hunt for stuf. cya Ranma
  9. Sounds like you've had quite the busy day. :3 Are you at least feeling better, Bro? I hope so. One of us at least deserves to feel better and I do hope it is you.
  10. typical boys forget it :d i do not how to express it in english ;P

    yeah i'm always there fo u^^ xD

    oh well but then u have to focus
    yeah u can so well my exspectaion were swayed away. i have witten actually everything but becuase of my teacher i has to change many things and i have at least spent 6 hous fo that stupid paper -.- ans still no finishline in sight -.-
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