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  1. no, the only one i saw, but they ended part one of, Durarara

    right now online, i am watching, Witch Hunter Robin it's pretty good too friend recemmended i also i am watching for the first time, DBZ Gt on Nicktoons, it's good too i saw DBZ Kai it's was cool i just got into DBZ i found i liked alot
  2. Yeah. I doubt I will. I haven't done anything that could really help... at least nothing that could help YET.

    Ah. I crept around and found that out myself. But it means more to hear from the actual person. It's really nice to meet you, Stan. You are an extremely nice person. I am Rebecca~
  3. OF COURSE~ The world wouldn't have as much technology as it does if it weren't for us wonderful nerds and I believe we deserve a little more credit than what we obtain. (I have never heard anyone thank a dead genius for his hard work for today's society.)
  4. No you can sleep..
    I didn't know it was late
    in America.. fufufu
    I was running out of things
    to say anyhow..
    Night Ranma-Sama!
  5. *GASP*.. Ranma!
    *slaps silly cross the face*
    >:c.. no.. That was rude
    I use the glasses to
    hide my bags.. they are not
    useful or pretty things..
    *sigh*.. Boys..
    Their are few car crashes here..
    Maybe for the fact everyone
    drives super slow since noone
    here counting myself looks for
    cars before walking.. Yes
    it's unsafe but I take god's risk
    in my own hands.. Plus I walk with
    a hundred others.. If I get hit
    then it's not a hit and run
    it's then a massacre
  6. *blush*.. The P word
    Oh, your so adult *-*..
    Do you need your glasses?
    Do you also sometimes
    use them to hide bags under
    your eyes.. I do.. Mine are
    black and small cause the
    smaller it is the more words
    it says! Mine says..
    "smart.. but unhelpful"
  7. Ranma.. I am a lady..
    *raises glasses* As a lady
    I'll let your perverted intrusion
    pass.. As long as you understand
    I do wear glasses.. This is sometimes
    hard for the average person to understand
    counting I have perfect vision..
    They are a lovely fashion symbol, yes?
  8. Hehe.. perv you brought
    that up, but then again
    you are an adult male..
    How could I expect anything
    else on your mind.. ;3
    FuFuFu ~
    You'd be amazed by what's on
    my mind! We'll first off while
    I write this i'm hitting my leg
    constantly.. It's what happens
    when I write to long <------->
    Hmm.. It's not painful or violent!
    >;o i'm not crazy.. it's just a tap
    that I can't control. BUT!! I also
    constantly think of how germany and
    italy would look as kittys in heat!
    NO!.. <.< That's bad..
    I mean as kittys sharing a bowl of
    tuna.. *cough*
  9. -- durrrrrrrrrr
    This is an anime site ~
    FuFuFu, What's your fav
    type of anime/manga? I like
    horror and mystery but I also
    like lady hint manga/anime
    Their my favorite! Especially when
    they have guts showing and
    horror like that ;3.. Sci fy is cool
    too - Though romance is cool also
  10. i was idk out of high maybe when saw my first anime, i can't really remember that far back.

    i the first anime i saw, ( after the 80's , which in the 80's was voltron an g force) in the 1990's my first was Sailor Moon, an then i think after that i friend recommended some others, and it took off from there. i try to be kind, it's hard cause how i grew up an what i was rised around. ( rather not talk about my past) well take care Ranma Friends, Raven.
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