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  1. i guess it is. okie well hopefully talk ya Tuesday then

    i doing better, but when all my life i've told so many different things, it's hard to know whats the truth an whats lie.

    i did alot things back then to fit in with others an some how it never quite worked out having phobia's is hard thing to deal with when i fear so much that believe i could easyily die. i wanna live cause living without fear an enjoying the fun stuf is important ya know. i would never take my own life, i like life it's cool cya Ranma have good one Friends, Raven.
  2. yea i sleep good, my meds help

    sometimes i have hard time waking up. i don't to go to bed too early, cause then i don't sleep all night i sleep half until sometimes 12am or 1am but if go to later, i sleep longer yea i watch some online anime, but like both dvd's an online stuf i like to mix it up verity is the spice of life as they say lolz
  3. ^^well i'm pretty young^^ i will graduate from school with 17 so i want to go for a year to a foreign country for social activity or the concept of work and travel... and then decide where i want to study or work

    sweden is awesome! i have family there! too beautiful !

    okey well take good care of her
  4. just one year school left until i will leave house

    okey that's cool too goood point! nay clear destinations here?

    uhhhhhh what an inverstment. i'm so proud u live alone or u live with others together?
  5. used to have a machine, but now that i live on my own i don't have to worry about much.

    my breathin is okie, i don't think my sleep apnea is fatal. what probelms don't i have? good question. i can walk, read, see etc. i have one dvd of ranma 1/2 i own a lota of dvd's etc. i buy them online, instead of a store :3 take care Ranma Friends , Raven
  6. ;D well but my problem is that i like to tend to waste my money^^ well last summer i did not really understand where my money was^^

    yeah that's cool have u ever been in germany? have to come , it#s pretty nice

    ^^ what about u? how are u doing?
  7. oh well .......... lets just forget that. so what do you wanna talk about?
  8. that's another thing, i also have sleep apena an i breath throu my mouth

    sometimes. takin a deep breath don't work for me. plus on top of that i have A.D.D lack of focus, etc

    yea you are good guy, i am just sensative etc an scare easy.. thanx for giving me chance to explain things better i really am glad cya Ranma P.S I have DVD of Ranma 1/2 anime i wanna see more it's funny
  9. yeah that#s true. and nowadays this is not the exspected future^^ well a huge problem i have to pay a part of the costs for my trip t sri lanka in my easter holidays, then i will go shopping and start to save my money for after school and journeys u ahve something for what are u specially saving ?

    well exciting is not just exciting mostly i like the tasks i do but often it is pretty hard :/ well but today as well it was nice even though it took 4 hours for a meeting, but the atmosphere was relaxed i like it a lot

    yeah my dear u have destroyed my joy that i have something i could reply to
  10. no. i can't excerise, cause i have arthuritis in my lower back

    as for diet no nothing special except i am on a gluten free diet.

    other then that, i go out sometimes an do stuf. oh i see so you Dad has one too. thanx for understanding. an yea it's hard for lots of ppl who have emotional probelms your a nice kinda dude :3
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