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  1. Hello there again
  2. That's good and thanks for understanding.

    And I really don't like to keep girls waiting, so i'll give you the quickest response that I can, because it's only right.
  3. That's alright ^w^
    My messages don't need an urgent response. I'm patient anyway haha xD
  4. Thanks for the friend request, and I apologize if my responses seem to be a little slow, my computer is being bad today.:/
  5. Haha me too^^ and sure go right ahead and send it
  6. I'm feeling lazy yet energetic =3
    Thanks for introducing yourself in my first ever thread. It's a pleasure to meet you! You're the first person I had talked here. Mind if I send a request?
  7. Hello
    Thanks for wandering around my profile haha xD
    How are you?
  8. Well i'm here now, so technically you're not alone now.^^

    So how are you?
    (and I already introduced myself in your intro thread)
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