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  1. Hehe okay

    So how are you doing, and what's new ?
  2. nahh it doesnt sound really boring its about the same as mine until the hols fin then ill be goin 6th formXD
  3. Awwww your comics sound real cute >.<, and I like to draw too, but like you i'm not that good. :/

    I usually spend my time online chatting, and when i'm not chatting I spend time at the library on the computer, but at times I do get some travel and language books and videos. xD

    And that's about all I can think of, and sorry my life is kind of boring.^^
  4. well considering i late reply i dont mind it XD
    and well i like looking after animals creating my own little comics which are not very good as they are stickmen drawings but they are always about ninjas as im obsessed with them what about you what do you like to do in your spare time other than anime/manga xx
  5. It's good that you don't mind late replies since i'm late replying now, sorry.:/
    I've decided to take a break from the forum for awhile.

    Thats' cool, so besides anime, what other things do you like?
  6. heyy im back sorry i didnt have my laptop tats good actually i love the brotherhood series but i only own part 1-4 and im not worried over the long replies
  7. That's okay, and i've watched the Brotherhood series.

    And okay, and i'm sorry that my replies were taking so long I was chatting with like 2 other people, and my computer always seems to act up when i'm on this site, so I had to run a maintenance check on it and a bunch of other stuff.:/

    So next time I hope we get more of a chance to chat, see ya *hugs* bye
  8. i am truley sorry but i have got to go as i have to unfortunately get up early for a paper round and i probably wont be online tomorrow as i have to finish a course at school and im staying round a friends i shall carry on our conversation on thursday when im back home holding an anime sleep over with my friend. i truely would like to talk more but i am unable to keep myself awake any longer have a nice night
  9. have you ever watched or read full metal alchemist brotherhood???
  10. i have watched naruto never found the time to read it and its the same with bleach im not up to date with either of them though
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