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  1. That's awesome, and to be honest i've never actually read any of the Ranma 1/2 manga but I have watched the entire first season of the anime series, and okay I will.

    So do you ever read Naruto?
  2. well any sorts of ideas manga anime anything im an open book anything u wanna know ill answer honestly and i will ask and well hope you do the same so if there is anytin you want to know about me then ask away
  3. i have actually read ranma 1/2 well quite a few chapters what do you like about it ???
  4. I hope so too, because it wouldn't be fun to be friends with someone that I "didn't" get along with hahaha.

    So what sort of ideas would we be bouncing off of each other?^^
  5. no prob i hope we get along and give each other ideas
  6. Thanks for the friend request!

    And I guess i'll talk to you eventually, see ya
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