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  1. Hey ^^
  2. Hehe, I understand, so I hope you're sleeping now, and I also understand about the pervs, but remember that you're in Japan now, the "land of perverts" so you be careful there.^^

    And in case you ever decide to activate those accounts, please let me know, since it's easier chatting through instant messages, than it is through VMing.

    And you're so sweet<3 *hugs again*
  3. oh, I have MSN and skype but I never activated it since year ago. you know, there are SO MANY PERV. I am fed up with it

    and I am so happy to meet you Stan senpai <3 you re so kind, its nice to speak with you.
  4. oh, sorry. my mistake. its 00:00 AM here now
    and someone shouting in my back asked me to sleep now. thanks for accompanying me until this late. see you next time.
    and Oyasuminasai senpai~
  5. Awesome and lol xD
    Well I hope tht you won't have to wait too long to make you dream come, and it's too bad that you can't stay up with me, and just when I found out just how cute you are.

    Anyways I have to go now, and i'll be back but most likely you'll be asleep, so it was nice talking with you and I hope we get a chance to talk again, see ya *hugs* bye, oh and my real name is Stan.

    Oh and do you by any chance have an MSN or Skype account?
  6. I knew that feeling. since it was my dream to come to visit japan when I was junior high student. and I got this chance thanks to my sis who married japanese guy. lol

    usually I stay up until morning, because I need to prepare a bento for my family everyday or else I wont get allowance <= I sleep like a dead man, hard to wake up so I need to stay up. lol
    but today I must sleep early (its 00:00 PM now) coz tomorrow I need to go to extend my Visa.
  7. Hehe

    Yeah I know what you mean, because years ago, there used to be a contest here on TV where you could win a trip to Japan, and I manage to enter the contest, and even though I didn't win, that's what made me try to learn the language just in case I get the chance to go.

    Hey how much longer can you stay on today?
  8. you are so kind. I am blushing here

    yeah, once I fluently in speaking, I will take an advantage on it. lol I wont stay at home 24/7. hahaha........ how can an otaku stay at home when they get the chance to stay in japan ?!?
  9. You won't feel that way once you finally learn the language.

    And you don't look weird at all, you're really cute.
  10. how can I`m not feel ashamed...... hiks.
    yeah, thats all was me. did I look so weird?
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