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  1. Just read the one from earlier.. But ok we have different views so we can agree to disagree
  2. I see him as a leader.. he wasn't on reality t.v and he had his life private. I don't support at all his private life and his morals he was a man with no morals and had many.. many phycological issues.. But he was a great leader. If you we're living in Germany where you we're living in the streets with the whole world not giving you any help.. even the red cross was given dirty stares when they helped bomb victims in Germany.. I surely don't admire and respect him as a man but as a leader and political figure he was brilliant..
  3. Most of the Jews were German citizens, yet he stripped them of their rights and their humanity, Even among non-Jewish Germans when he saw that they had something that he wanted and they wouldn't give it to them, he'd take it! And you may mot have realized, but the Nazis raped just as many women as any other nation, and the only reason why you never heard of it, was because as the tribunal that was going to convict the Nazis for what they did, and the question came up if they should be convicted for the rapes, and you know what one of the judges said? "Do we really want a courtroom of crying woman?" Now of course this tribunal was made up of only men, so naturally there was very little mention of most of the things the Nazis did.

    I don't know who screwed you up as a kid, but you have some "issues" if you're really trying to make one of the biggest monsters of all time into some kind of "freedom fighter".:/

    Believe what you believe, and I think i'm through with this conversation. -.-
  4. You know, i'm starting to see why you can't really see the wrong in things like rape, you're really twisted.

    For one thing, how do you think Hitler managed to bring Germany out of poverty. He plundered other nations making them weaker while making his nation and his nation alone stronger.
  5. Yes, I support my beliefs.. Hitler was not 100% a terrible man.. If he never came to power so many countries would still be under British rule.. It took 50 countries to take down a country the size of Texas.. He was a strong leader and a smart one. I don't support his personal beliefs or what he did in his personal life. The only reason he lost was those 50 countries had more resources than him.. He and Germans we're killed during the Treaty of Versailles because poland was trying to force Germans to become a minority.. He rose up from all that and became what he did. He had many bad qualities but that should not cover his good parts.. You don't have to like him but you have to respect him in some ways
  6. WHAT!:O Are you SERIOUS?

    Hitler was a monster even his "friends" didn't even like the guy!
    He was sleeping with his niece, and when he found out that she was seeing one of his guys, he had her killed and had the guy basically sent to his death.
    He blamed the Jews for everything, from them losing at World War 1, to the common cold, and you're really going to say that??????
  7. Yeah, they would
    rape and plunder which
    was basically their
    goal.. I have sympathy
    for the Germans and Hitler
    Because they had a goal
    and they we're humiliated..
    They had it all then
    it was token away from them..
    In a humiliating way..
    If you took everything
    I worked for of course
    I'm going to fight you again!
    The Japanese just fought
    because they hated
    the chinese and others..
    They just wanted to kill
    and attack westerners..
    Though I don't have sympathy
    for the holocaust.. he had
    good plans and ideas
    but he got them in a bad way..
    The jewish thing makes him
    a bad man.. other than that
    and a few other things
    he wasn't 100% terrible
  8. Nope i've never seen it.

    I know quite a bit about World War 2 since i've watched so many movies, specials, and documentaries about it, so I know about some of the things that went on.
    Like I saw some footage of the Japanese killing some of the Chinese citizens when they conquered Manchuria and Shanghai, but that was the least of what they did, because their real goal wasn't to kill their enemies, but to humiliate them.:/
  9. I watched a movie
    about Austrailia
    during the WWII..
    It's so sad Q.Q
    It was of the a Austrailian
    Division.. and their
    fighting in the
    middle east
    Greece and
    North African areas..
    And even some in
    Australia and Italy
    ;c It was sad cause
    people got captured
    and stuff.. WWII movies
    are always sad..
    I also learned new things..
    Britain basically used Australia
    as a battering ram because
    they'd send Australian
    troops into the most
    dangerous places but tell
    them it was not dangerous..
    ;[ My favorite WWII movie is
    Miracle at St. Anna
    Have you seen it?
  10. Oh okay, and what "last part"?o.O

    They speak it wherever there are communities of Hawaiians, duh!xD

    So how was your day today?
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