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  1. I watched the
    Hetalia movie
    it was..
    Hilarious XD
    America is very
    funny.. to make
    the aliens like them
    he built a casino that
    they win at everything
    while China just
    built another Chinatown..
    Germany can't be hospital
    because germans aren't
    nice so he failed..
    And Italy was as cute
    as EVAH ☼.☼
    I wonder what it'd be
    like seeing my own
    country in an anime..
    Would it be male or
    female? ;3
  2. Hey, Ireland has you, and that's WAY better than some old stupid tower and clock!

    So how are you, and what did you do today?
  3. We'll.. I'd refer
    you to England
    XD!.. Not much
    for tourists here..
    There is the
    Blarney Castle though
    it's really beautiful..
    Very big too xD
    Funderland is also
    fun it's opening in
    Cork soon, I go to
    it in Dublin each time
    ;D It's a amusement park.
    Has sideshow acts and
    what not xD
    We have alot
    of beautiful cliffs and
    So that's basically
    all XD
    Very boring country..
    I wish we had more
    buildings like
    the eiffel tower or
    the giant clock in london
  4. Are you high today?O.o

    Lol, just kidding.:P

    Well that's nice, and no, it's not possible for a human to move an entire island, since islands are fixed points on the earth. Like with an iceberg, only a tiny percent of the iceberg is on the surface of the water, but most of it is below the water. So island and even countries are like that.

    I've never been to Ireland, but I would like to go someday.
    So what's fun to do over there for someone whose never been?
  5. Japan just needs
    to leave.. like move
    away 5 feet to the
    west XD.. Because
    they just keep
    getting hit by
    Right on the east
    coast ;D! How is
    it possible to move
    an entire island,
    some scientific
    people know..
    Ireland is shaped
    like a bird ;3..
    I find that cute..
    Donegal is the wings
    and NI is the head
    the rest make the body.
    I live in a piece of art..
    for aliens ;3 I'm really
    just hanging on
    some aliens house on
    a frame and im a tiny bug
    living on it.. MAGICAL!
  6. Oh it's magical alright, go there and watch as your money "magically" disappears. ^_^

    My day was okay yesterday, and this day seems okay so far, but I just woke up so I won't know if it's going to be a good day all day.

    So how's YOUR day?
  7. Disneyworld must be
    magical.. ☺
    I wanna go so bad
    How is your day?
  8. I'm sure you would be comfortable since you're one of those nuts that like to stare at people and make them feel uncomforatble, lol!XD

    Well i've never been to Disney Land because it's way over on the other side of the country for me, but I have been to Disney World, well the hotel, not the theme park.
    It's really expensive there too, so if you want to go, make sure that you have plenty of money, because a bottle of water cost twice as much as it would in any other part of the country, heck, even the world.:/

    Hey I have to go to bed now, but i'll be back tomorrow^^ So talk to you later, see ya *hugs* and lay off of the staring bye
  9. I live in Dublin
    and visit Belfast
    like.. every week
    xD So i'm very
    comfortable in
    large cities..
    I want to see
    the bridges! and
    the rude people
    on the street..
    I mean we have
    our own rude people
    here.. but they don't
    have new york accents!
    I wanna go to Disneyland
    too.. They don't have one
    In england or ireland
    so.. since i've never
    been to france i've never
    been to disneyland ;[
  10. Lol:P
    Well you know that it's actually up to the parent not to put their kid into a situation to be made fun of, like alot of hollywood celebrities have. Like one actress name her kid "Apple" and another named their kid "Radio Science" and one guy even named his daughter "Moxie Crime Fighter", so you KNOW that those kids are going to be made fun of.

    I've been to America, does that count? LOL

    I live in Florida, but I haven't gone far enough south to hit Miami, and Vegas is the place i've been wanting to go for years!<3

    New York really isn't all that great, I mean I lived in a big city and it's not all that it's cracked up to be.xD
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