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  1. No.. I'd kill
    anyone who
    would make fun
    of my baby..
    *evil glare at
    the future generation*
    But I want to travel
    to America.. I want
    to see New York and
    go to the Miami Beaches..
    I want to gamble in Las Vegas
    Have you been to any
    of these places..?
  2. You could always get a pet then, so you could name it and rarely ever take care of it.

    Yeah it's a pretty name, but i'm sure that your kid would probably have a problem with it, especailly when the kids at school make fun of them.^^

    So if you could travel to any country, where would you like to go?
  3. I don't know..
    I probably won't
    have any niece's or
    nephews though..
    I kick a bit too hard..
    I'd name my child
    LHADY! pronounced
    "lady" Isn't that a
    pretty name? I
    hope she is blonde..
    If my brother has
    a child before me
    I'm gonna steal it..
    I deserve a child
    so much more!
    Like I don't wanna raise
    one though..
    I just wanna name one
  4. O_O

    Well..umm...*cough**cough* yeah....and okay

    Anyways >.>what did you do today besides reading manga and fighting with your brother?
  5. I was a minor
    when I signed it!
    ;o! *gasp*
    And I read
    Lady Manga.. it's
    my keyword for
    um.. *cough*
    *raises glasses*
    For manga targeted
    to Ladies, yes..
    Though I don't
    really like the
    yaoi ones their
    overly sexual I
    like shounen-ai
    it's much more
    focused on the story
    and plot.. But yeah
    they really have
    some deep storylines
    and wonderful art..
    Guys usually see it
    as just porn but
    that is because
    it usually has
    sexual undertones
    but like.. what guys
    see as rape many girls
    see as someone just
    not being able to hold
    in their love for that person
    .. THOUGH that only works
    with two guys.. I'm 100%
    against rape to females
    in any form.. ;3.. hehe
    Double standard ^_^
    by the way it's
    not graphic rape..
    It usually just
    skips to the morning
    scene.. But you
    can tell what happens
    through hints..
    It's made by girls
    so you gotta be quick
    at picking up suttle hints
  6. Do as you wish? Uh, no?o.O

    If you're marrying the guy and you signed a contract you can't exactly get out of it, unless you were a minor when you signed it, that's the law here, but maybe where you live the laws are different.

    So do you even want to marry him?
    *sighs* Yes she was a psycho and she was a stalker, and i'm glad that she at least lives in a different city with her drunken retarded husband, but from time to time I still look over my shoulder wonder if she's there. *looks behind me*

    That's too bad, but some guys are shy when it comes to things like that, and alot don't like to talk about anything even remotely romantic with a girl, in front of their friends, it's embarrassing.^^

    Did you just say that you read manga where someone gets raped and then the two of them suddenly get together?o.O What kind of manga are YOU reading?
  7. ;o.. DAMN!
    No.. it was in
    the fine print!
    I can do what
    I wish.. ;3..
    I don't know it
    doesn't go into
    specifics.. so its
    fine! You have
    a stalker! ;o
    I once asked
    a boy out.. but
    he was with friends..
    That day I learnt
    how the male brain
    works >_<...
    I think i'd be the dominant
    person.. but then again
    most of my love advice
    comes from lady manga..
    I will probably rape
    the first person I fall in
    love with.. but in the manga
    they always turn
    out as lovers.. So
    I guess that makes up
    for the whole..
    "I violated you" thing..
  8. Lol, okay:P

    Nope, i've never had a girlfriend, but I do have an ex psycho stalker who was obsessed with me, and I still have nightmares about her.:/ I rue the day I EVER said hi to her.:'(

    Yeah I remember reading on of your VMs, you said that you were "arranged" to be married to someone?
    If you are, why are you even talking about finding a "perfect match" for yourself, since you have one already, isn't that violating your contract?o.O
  9. Hehe food..
    Sorry i'm late
    responding i've
    been reading a
    manga and fighting
    with my brother..
    My days are so
    damn boring XD!
    Have you ever
    had a girlfriend?
    I wonder what it's
    like.. I mean legally
    I'm marrying my friend
    but.. I've never had
    a boyfriend ☼.☼..
    I bet it's magical..
    Like angels and cupid
    all come together..
    But god has my perfect
    match for me somewhere
    Hopefully in Ireland
    because I dislike
    travelling long distances..
  10. Wow that's pretty cool!:O

    Well I have no doubts that you'll win, because you're awesome, and you'll probably stare at your competition and throw them off enough to give up.

    Haha, food is exactly what I would be spending it on.
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