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  1. hiya Ranma, sup been while how you been? missed ya glad AO is back up =) yay well ttyl and hope to hear from ya soon.
  2. hiya Ranma, sup been while miss u. how you been doing? ttyl
  3. yea i hope so. nm else to report, i stay in town, until whenever i get done with my errands

    if i get up early enough, i get home around 1-2-3pm or so depends Well have a great weekend, talk to ya Tues cya Then Ranma
  4. yea. no nothing i can think of. i just enjoy watching vids i went into town today

    tired now. well ttyl Ranma
  5. oh i see. why they steal? i just learned to sew on my own, i improved with practice

    i also study, Youtube, tutorials an i learn new sewing techinques well ttyl Ranma
  6. yup, I dable in sewing Whoa, sounds like you had some hard knocks back then

    well enjoy ya weekend TTYl Ranma P.s I had an awsome day today
  7. damn.. sounds like a rough week hope ya weekend is better i'm doing ok been chillin at home an sewing plushies TTYl Ranma
  8. lolz yea i am ok just a rough patches etc how r you? how was youre weekend?
    mine was alright bored right now watching Youtube mostly TTYl Ranma
  9. both. sigh* i am coping with it now. got a plush i order in the mail today a 1-D teddy bear

    ( not a 1 direction fan) I like teddy bears ttyl Ranma
  10. my weekend was good yesterday was awful, i never ment to hurt my fb friend

    but my pickyness made them run away i wished i i'd just gave them thier space, but i was too upset an wanted to be forgiven i couldn't help it. *sigh* hopefully the rest of the week will be better ttyl Ranma
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