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  1. i got your private messages i'll add you to my e-mail contacts ttyl Ranma =)
  2. sure i'd like your new e-mail address =) cool thanx Ranma

    TTYl =3
  3. cleaned meh house, boxed stuf up, to put in storage. did laundry too. had an good day =3

    ttyl Ranma
  4. yea that would be awsome =3 well nm else to write ttyl Ranma
  5. i have been to no anime cons as of yet.. :S wish i could me poor lolz

    yea history channel is cool i like mystery quest ttyl Ranma
  6. yea night time, is spoooooky!!! Lolz news is always boring to me. unless it's an interesting story

    I like Documenties about true crime, cosplay, anything cool Well ttyl Ranma =D
  7. i have few problems on the bus, not offen i picked up what i could today, i needed to be home before 4-5pm

    cause i ordered my meds an they deliver them for me =3 well ttyl Ranma
  8. T.p, etc paper towels personal needs items. misc. the usual

    sucks not having gas money, seems gas prices have gone up course i don't drive lolz TTYl Ranma
  9. yea lolz but need stuf intown soon gonna run out sooner or later nm else to write

    TTYl Ranma =)
  10. nm, just been being a homebody lolz oh you were sick, sounds like your better

    i was sick, for a lil while. i had a mild stomach bug. my allergies r on the frits i saved AO in my "favorites bar" so i won't lose it ttyl Ranma have a good one
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