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  1. hiya Ranma, sorry for the late reply but i have a hard time finding AO but i have it saved to "my favorites"

    so i was able to return how are you? Joyous New yrs how was your x-mas? i will try to be here when i can TTYl Ranma *hugs*
  2. oh you like that show, where the dude goes across the world, trying wierd foods in different countries

    i am alright alive an kickin wow nice too know that i wasn't the only one having problems with AO ttyl Ranma
  3. hey Ranma , sup sorry for the long late reply, i had trouble finding AO lolz so how are you? wow you saw a special on Japan nice i like travel channel, but the only show i like is Ghost Advertures. well ttyl :3
  4. really i didn't know that wow o__O cool cosplaying at Con's is like yr round halloween

    ttyl Ranma
  5. they cancled the party, due to the affects of hurricane Sandy, got some candy from the landlord's offic
    i bought a money order at the store, i wore my costume down town i was Zero from Code Geass tyyl Ranma
  6. my weekend was ok now it's monday :P i go to my Apt complexe's halloween party tomorrow

    yay. how are you today? i'm alive ttyl Ranma
  7. my week is good i might be kinda busy this weekend, watching tv an online shows i need a break for a messages for a while so ttyl an hopefully *hugs*
  8. my weekend was eventful. i watched tv an Youtube etc TTYL Ranma
  9. your welcome i am doing ok just taking it easy yea it's on Youtube pretty good for fanmade

    ttyl Ranma
  10. the live action salior moon is called pretty guardian sailor moon an yes it's awsome an it's subbed

    i watched a fan made film of sailor moon called dead moon circus. it was cool for an indie glad you have some friends at the libaray :3 TTYl Ranma ^___^
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