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  1. hey Ranma, sorry for any late replies been peroccupied so whats new?
    how's the house work coming? ttyl write soon :3
  2. you think huh? lolz yea i am same way about cleaning
    i get to it when i can ya know. i do what i can thank Ra, i bought broom an i have a vac

    how r you today? Take Care Ranma/ Stan
  3. wow detriot ay cool

    uh oh you gotta clean house Poor Ranma. TTyl
  4. the library here is near the police station

    downtown there's two one closer , in portage an another more into the heart of kalamazoo, mi
    ttyl Ranma
  5. oh cute dog tricks cool. i hardly ever go to my library cause it's far way an i it costs too much to go back an forth to return books *sigh* miss my old library, but i wanted the big city life TTYl Ranma
  6. oh like storytime, yeah they did they at my old library

    cool you ever check a book? TTYl Stan/ Ranma
  7. okie lolz ik wow you been busy ttyl Stan/ Ranma
  8. The tempature, idk 80's maybe Idk so how r you? well i'll write more later

    cya Ranma
  9. lolz i hope for sanity sake

    XD LmRaAO Hehehe ttyl Ranma
  10. yup you welcome uh yea i like Ravens watching tv now an eating chicken tenders i order last night

    yum TTYl Stan/ Ranma
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