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  1. wow that's kinda late i am a night owl too most of time nm else ttyl Ranma
  2. yea ik but the pain sucks so how r you? i am okie ttyl i wrote this at 3:07am
  3. uh sorta i got the main cleaning done ( bathroom floor) just need to clean the tub

    my back is super sore, i slept okie, but the pain was kinda keeping me awake but yea thanx, i hope i feel better too but with arthurtis nobody knows TTYL Ranma Friends, Raven
  4. my week is okie i did house cleaning yesterday ( it's 3am as i am writing this vm) headaches alot

    not sure why. stress maybe or sinus's my pillow sucks as far as support i need one those advertised ones they sell at wal-mart ttyl Friends, raven
  5. cool your black, awsome! guess what? i entered a contest sweep stakes thingy an i won a tony tony chopper plushie from one piece! i was soooo excited ! it's sitting on the bottom shelf of my bookcase write back soon *Hugs
  6. hey sup Ranma i am doing okie uh is your new profile what you look like in rl?

    how ya been? did ya get all ya house an yard work done? cya soon write back Friends, Raven
  7. what did you draw pictures of? bet thier awsome

    i love draw i use to draw stuf for contest's in Shonen Jump i never won though
  8. oh i see. ik this one girl on youtube who is a sailor moon nut she has like everything sailor moon

    yup life got better for day
  9. being 38 ain't bad had a lota b-day wishes on fb, had 19 messages today! i surprised :v

    glad power came back on it was after 2am almost 3am hey do like anime merchedise? like props etc
  10. oh maybe a glich idk my power went out briefly last night i was pissed..... but it came back on later yay

    i am okie nm going on my b-days tomorrow I'll be 38 yrs old ;D
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