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  1. plz don't hate me.... :C i try so hard to be a good person i get so stressed an sad..

    i am only human. i care about my friends, an i care about you friend Ranma
  2. why? i just do. i don't wanna worry about i just want you to be my friend

    yea having a pool here is awsome i can't wait to use it i got up early today, to go into town

    how are you today Ranma? cya again soon Hugs
  3. no my complex isn't special, why? it's just bigger and some apt's have pools the one i was in before was smaller

    yea it wasn't all that bad my bf told what was happening he called gave me the 411 about her sneakyness
  4. ah i see. having some kinda day, my bf's ex keeps borthering me an using mulitable fb accounts to try to cause drama an to hurt me an make me think my bf is not being honest but lil does she know he can call me anytime an my number is unlisted only a select few have my number soo i knew something was up...
  5. my past was sad... i only remember what choose to remember

    i am glad you care Ranma Hugs you* thanx well Stephen King is making something.. it might be a remake of one of his books.. thought i heard that somewhere he did do that tv movie of bag of bones
  6. yea i agree. kinda like Stephen King, running out of ways to make his books into movies watchable/ lolz
    but i his books are good yes indeed grilled food is da bomb i grew up with grilled food an southern cooking
  7. yea, Simpson's has been lacking lately yes, spoke with my bf on fb

    he hardly ever calls, i think it's cause he's busy with work sounds like the burgers were awsome i love grilled food yum :P drools*
  8. ah ya oinked out ay musta been some eating

    lolz nm going with me, chilling at home was watchin all the season finale's of animation domnation on fox can't swim? wow sucks i learned at age 7 i took many a swimming lesson i might use the pool here at my apt complex this yr well ttyl friends, Raven
  9. i didn't go. i was way too tired, Thurs so i am saving my checks an cashing them all together

    so whats sup? anything new going on? well cya again soon Hugs
  10. what stuf do i do? i was gonna cash meh check today, but i wa really tired today

    so it was a no go
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