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  1. yea heard about the toonami thing ikr cool

    yea i my pillow turned out great i so proud yay

  2. i will thanx well hopefully going out tomorrow, got stuf to do

    gonna leave after the postal mail comes i finished my ichigo hollow mask pillow an it looks great
  3. cause in had energy an it was all that heavy an i wasn't lifting anything

    ik.. i just am careful i do hurt i just cant swquat or lean over for long yea i kinda hot here. but also very mild ^_^ cya again soon
  4. i'm doing alright just need to relax more moved furniture today

    need more room hopefully i can get rid of my air considtioner soon, sense at my complex we can't put one up cause it's a rule here. mowing the lawn hope it ain't too hot outside
  5. hi i'm here. how was your day?

    mine was.. okie adverage lolz just chillin got my code geass r2 dvd i ordered today YAY! whoooo hoooo!
  6. why do you say that? i'm okie though bugger it hurts lolz

    but i think i'll live. looking forward to another week, hopefully i get m mail in's i ordered Cya again tomorrow it's 11:20pm here.
  7. yea same here, yea watched that toonami thing it was cool an wierd i'm in pain right now, my backs hurts an my

    "time of the month" is here sucks too many hurties lolz ow... ow @_+ cya again soon
  8. nothing exciting ( not until 12 am Bleach anime

    yea, called them, cause the call started out with someone sayin nothing, an then swearin an etc
    it seemed odd to me ya know my weekend has just begun.. more details at 11pm lolz XD JK heheh cya
  9. ah you have the same problem whats wierd is one time they i called tryin to find out why they kept callin an they mentioned this "jenny person in past tense.. isn't that strange? maybe she dead an they haven't grieved properly?.....
    cya Ranma have a one
  10. sucks to have to have to shovel out more money

    yea, hate teleamarketers period.. they bug me an then this wrong number who keeps callin for Jenny, ive' told em over an over that a Jenny don't live at my apartment.. la* *sigh* Cya Ranma p.s have you seen the Ranma 1/2 anime?
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