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  1. oh ok i'll try to be paitent.

    Thanx. no, i don't read much online manga, cause i am on Youtube mosta the time or watching tv etc Ttyl Have a an awsome weekend
  2. um i am watching the anime in the 300's it's on 311. and i watch the Adult swim english dubbed

    i can't read the manga, cause i poor lolz well i don't wanna be single forever, i need to be loved

    well watch for dem snakes Lolz TTyl Ranma
  3. oh snakes ay not fan of snakes? Ranma

    i am doing a lil better, i keep running to a wall, as far relationships i can't find the person for memy weekend was alright Bleach was epic on Saturday. can't wait until the new arc's start whoooo hooo ttyl Ranma
  4. hmm idk it hurts mosta the time

    whoa u was hungry for spicy XD how u been? i have been watching Youtube mostly well have an awsome weekend ttyl Ranma
  5. i'm alright kinda in pain backs sore. :P

    other then that got paid early yay. because my payee got the check probably yesterday. so i'm cashing it Fri when i go foodshopping well ttyl Ranma
  6. i friend told me he wasn't real. idk. cool.

    well nm else to say ttyl Ranma cya on Tues
  7. well turns out my bf ( colin a.k.a. Lelouch Vi Britannia ) on fb doesn't exist nor does other brother

    my ex friend angie's bro's don't exist so now ik but she is stuck in a delusion that they do. o.O idk.. u like french an india food? wow u like the spicy stuf ay i am doing well now i found a new bf named Kev he's sweet an awsome TTYL RANMA
  8. i ordered some anime merch today ordered food from a different place

    i got fries an stuf n.p i understand, ik how busy you can get i am doing alright found out something wierd next Vm i'll tell ya in more detail ttyl Ranma
  9. my weekend, was ok. sounds like your week was busy.

    i am just relaxing now. nm else going on ordered some more stuff online ttyl Ranma.
  10. if she's bad mouthing you, she probably feels rejected an does it outta angry, hurt an frustration

    wow musta been mowing lot. yea it rained yesterday evening, pretty harsh weather. i want shopping yesterday also, an won two more plush is the claw machine, got my first Happi bird plush an Stewie Griffin in a banana costume. ^_^ got some nessities etc. well have great weekend ttyl Ranma
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